What is Document Control in Construction?

I. The Importance of Document Control in Construction:

  1. Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency:

    • Maintaining a centralized system for all construction-related documents.
    • Avoiding errors, omissions, and conflicting information.
    • Facilitating easy access to up-to-date documents.
  2. Enhancing Collaboration and Communication:

    • Promoting effective information sharing among project stakeholders.
    • Facilitating seamless coordination between different teams.
    • Ensuring everyone has access to the most recent versions of documents.
  3. Mitigating Risks and Legal Compliance:

    • Adhering to regulatory requirements and industry standards.
    • Tracking and recording changes, approvals, and revisions.
    • Providing an audit trail for legal purposes.

II. Benefits of Document Control in Construction:

  1. Improved Efficiency:

    • Streamlining document creation, review, and approval

A Document Controller is responsible for all documents in a business. Daily they will scan and upload paper documents and organize them on a secure server. They access specific files when requested by different departments as well as control the flow of documents in and out of the department.

What is document control in a project?

Document control refers to the process of managing documents within an organization in a systematic and organized manner. It involves creating, storing, organizing, tracking, and distributing documents to ensure that the right version of a document is available to the right people at the right time.

What is the role of a document controller in construction?

Ensuring all documentation meets formal requirements and required standards. Sorting, storing and retrieving electronic and hard copy documents on behalf of clients and industry professionals. Producing document progress reports for senior managers. Conducting regular reviews and document audits.

What is the document control process?

These are the fundamental steps in developing a document control system for your company:
  1. Identify Documents.
  2. Establish Quality Standards.
  3. Name Your Documents.
  4. Create Revisions Procedures.
  5. Manage access.
  6. Establish Archiving Procedures.
  7. Creation.
  8. Review and Approval.

What is an example of document control?

Examples of controlled documentation in the company

Most often they are: company policies, work procedures (typically describes processes, duties, obligations) manuals, product documentation, guidelines, datasheets, ISO documentation.

How do you document a construction project?

These are some of the most common and important construction documents for building projects of all kinds.
  1. 1: Construction Agreement.
  2. 2: General Conditions.
  3. 3: Special Conditions.
  4. 4: Scope of Work (SOW)
  5. 5: Drawings.
  6. 7: Bill of Quantities.
  7. 9: Schedule of Values.
  8. 10: Cost Estimate.

What should be included in the construction documents?

This includes everything from bidding documents, drawings, and technical specifications to the construction contract agreement and its various components. On top of that, there are other construction documents that enable efficient monitoring and control of the project progress, such as daily reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to document a project?

Best Practices in Writing Project Documentation
  1. Define the scope of the project.
  2. Set up a team (contributors, reviewers, editor or publisher)
  3. Identify topics and sub-topics.
  4. Be specific about expected results.
  5. Document technical parameters and environment requirements.
  6. Compose project deliverable.

How do you manage construction documents?

How to Streamline and Simplify Construction Document Management
  1. Centralize Your Construction Data. The first step to getting a handle on document management at your organization is to centralize your data and documents.
  2. Make Construction Documents Accessible Anywhere.
  3. Optimize Document Management Workflows.

What is document management system in construction industry?

In the construction industry, a digital document management system enables faster information sharing, in order to improve workflows. Whether it is administrative documents, reports, plans, BIM models or other documents, stakeholders in the field or office have immediate access to the information without delay.

What is the folder structure of a general contractor project?

Most General Contractors have a file folder structure that matches all of the supplementary documentation needed to build the project. Similar to plan folders, file folders are ordered naturally with sequential numbers followed by alphabetical characters.

What is file management in construction?

Construction file management encompasses the methods used to organize blueprints, drawings, permits, contracts, specs, and other documentation related to a construction project. It also includes regulating document access and flows as it stores shares, and edits documents.

What are the 4 creative ways in organizing files?

7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Files
  • Organize files by priority level.
  • Organize files by due date.
  • Organize files by physical location.
  • Organize files by client and/or customer name.
  • Organize files in Chronologic order.
  • Organize files by budget.
  • Organize files by subject matter.

How do you organize clients files?

Best practices for organizing client documents and files
  1. Establish a logical client folder structure.
  2. Choose a consistent file naming convention.
  3. Create consistent processes to gather client files.
  4. Focus on accessibility.
  5. Have a process in place for redundant files.
  6. Don't skimp on security.

How do you organize a construction project folder?

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to organize construction documents:
  1. Create a clear file structure:
  2. Use a consistent naming convention:
  3. Utilize document management software:
  4. Implement version control:
  5. Establish access controls:
  6. Keep a master index:
  7. Regularly back up documents:
  8. Archive completed projects:

How do you organize a construction job?

Try implementing these basic tips to help optimize organization in your next construction project.
  1. Create a roadmap for your project.
  2. Utilize the latest tools.
  3. Keep daily checklists.
  4. Track your progress and goals.
  5. Stay in constant communication.

What should be in a client folder?

Client Information

The first thing to include in each client folder is basic facts like their contact information and business details. You'll likely collect this information during your new client onboarding process, but be sure to keep track of these particulars throughout your client engagement.


Who is responsible for document control procedure?
A Document Controller is responsible for all documents in a business. Daily they will scan and upload paper documents and organize them on a secure server. They access specific files when requested by different departments as well as control the flow of documents in and out of the department.

What is document control in construction?

Construction document control includes proposals, contracts, technical specifications, design specifications, plans, change orders, revisions, punch lists, and manuals. Construction document control establishes and enforces processes and procedures across a construction project.

Who is responsible for document management system?

In simplest terms, a document manager's primary role is to oversee and manage the company's documents to ensure efficient accessibility and security. This role requires a specific set of skills, including attention to detail, organizational skills, and a strong understanding of information technology.

What is the role of document controller in construction company?

Document controllers are responsible for the workflow and record keeping of electronic or hard copy documents, either for a special project, department or an entire organisation. They prepare, move, organise and file all technical or commercial documents, and make sure they comply with legal and business regulations.

What department does document control fall under?

The Document Controller is responsible for supporting the Quality Department daily operations. In addition to the following, this includes many tasks assigned by the Quality Manager.

What documents should you keep for your house?
8 Real Estate Documents to Keep—and What Happens If You Don't
  • Buyer's agent agreement.
  • Purchase agreement.
  • Addenda, amendments, or riders.
  • Seller disclosures.
  • Home inspection report.
  • Closing disclosure.
  • Title insurance policy.
  • Property deed.
What are the three most important documents in any sale of property and why?

The most important originals are the purchase agreement, deed, and deed of trust or mortgage. In the event originals are destroyed, you might be able to get certified copies of these documents from the lender or closing company, but you don't want to rely on others' recordkeeping systems unless you have to.

What is the most important document in real estate?

However, the most important documents in real estate are offers, agreements, and contracts between the buyer and seller.

How do I keep track of home improvements?
A binder or folder offers an easy and appealing way to keep all the important documents for your remodel in one place. From the moment you start researching your remodel to when the contractors leave, there will be plenty of paperwork you will need to keep organized.

Should you keep your closing documents forever?

The Bottom Line

Keep your personal copy of your deed, promissory note and Closing Disclosure for as long as you have your loan. You should also hang onto your inspection report and seller disclosures as long as you own your home. However, you can throw away your home warranty policy when it expires.

What is document control in construction

What is the most important thing about documentation in construction?

Clear documentation clarifies expectations, establishes official agreements, records building elements, protects all parties involved in the building process, and most importantly, ensures the client is satisfied with the end product.

What are the 5 essential elements of a construction contract? Here are five of the most important terms that should be a part of every construction contract.
  • Scope of Work. Clients need to be clear about what a company is going to do for them.
  • Payment Obligations.
  • Insurance Information.
  • Parties to the Agreement and Notice.
  • Authority to Make Decisions.
What is documentation in building construction?

Construction documentation is the process of developing, refining and documenting design drawings with additional detailing such as product & material specifications, contract requirements and installation details.

What are the two key items that make up construction documents?

Of these documents, the drawings and specifications provide essential information for the building design. Therefore, the drawings and specifications usually receive a lot of attention when problems arise during construction.

What is the most important rule of documentation?

The most important rule of good documentation is for it to be as inviting as possible. This means that we should aim to write it in the clearest terms possible without skipping over any steps. We should avoid making assumptions about what our users may know.

What is the responsibilities of document controller in construction company?

Document controllers are responsible for the workflow and record keeping of electronic or hard copy documents, either for a special project, department or an entire organisation. They prepare, move, organise and file all technical or commercial documents, and make sure they comply with legal and business regulations.

What is the job responsibilities of document controller?

Document Controller responsibilities include typing contracts, archiving files and ensuring all team members have access to necessary documentation. To be successful in this role, you should have previous experience reviewing technical documents along with the ability to spot errors.

How to create a home renovation binder? Read on to discover things that you should include in your home renovation binder.
  1. Budget. In the budget section of your binder, include a list of all renovation costs.
  2. Proposals & Contracts.
  3. Contractors & Vendors.
  4. Floor Plans.
  5. Local Regulations & Requirements.
  6. Permits.
  7. Home Design.
  8. Notes.
How do you organize a remodel project? 10 Tips for Planning a Major Home Renovation Project
  1. Create Your Renovation Wishlist.
  2. Set Your Renovation Budget.
  3. Do Your Research.
  4. Hire a Reputable Contractor.
  5. Understand Neighborhood Bylaws & Permitting.
  6. Understand Your Timeline.
  7. Pack Up and Declutter.
  8. Protect Kids and Pets.
How do you draw up a remodeling plan? These are the essential steps for drawing a floor plan:
  1. Determine the area to be drawn for the project.
  2. Measure the walls, doors and other features.
  3. Draw the walls to scale on graph paper or using software.
  4. Add architectural features, utilities and furniture.
  5. Review with the homeowner.
  • How do you sequence a home renovation?
    • As you look to begin your whole home remodel, here's the general order of operations:
      1. Planning and Design.
      2. Demolition.
      3. Rebuilding/Framing.
      4. Mechanicals/Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical.
      5. Walls.
      6. Flooring.
      7. Cabinets.
      8. Appliances.
  • What should be included in a home management binder?
    • There are many things and kinds of information you can include in your Home Binder: a monthly calendar with your daily schedule, weekly calendar, monthly meal plans, service providers, and copies of important documents like birth certificates and important papers.

  • How do you keep construction jobs organized?
    • Below, you'll find six things that you can do to help keep your construction company organized.
      1. Map Projects Beforehand. One of the best ways to keep projects organized is to map them out ahead of time.
      2. Go Digital.
      3. Manage, But Don't Micromanage.
      4. Project Timelines.
      5. Follow Up.
      6. Use Time Clock Software.
  • How do I create a hierarchy of folders?
    • Option 1: Hierachical Method
      1. Be consistent.
      2. Structure your hierarchy logically.
      3. Keep folders and subfolders separate to reduce overlap.
      4. Keep subfolder categories narrow to restrict the number of files in each.
      5. Your Desktop is meant to be temporary storage.
  • How do I organize my work folders?
    • Here are a few tips and best practices to help you do this:
      1. Store documents in a shared location, NOT on your personal computer.
      2. Don't mix business and personal files.
      3. Group by category.
      4. Group by date.
      5. Don't be afraid of subfolders.
      6. Use Final, Draft and Archive folders.
      7. Use good file naming conventions.
      8. Create folder templates.
  • What is the best way to document home improvements?
    • Improvements should be documented with purchase orders, receipts, cancelled checks, and any other documentation you receive. The records homeowners most often lose are those for improvements, so take special care to keep track of these. It's a good idea to list them all in your personal records with a running total.

  • What are the components of a remodeling project?
    • As you look to begin your whole home remodel, here's the general order of operations:
      • Planning and Design.
      • Demolition.
      • Rebuilding/Framing.
      • Mechanicals/Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical.
      • Walls.
      • Flooring.
      • Cabinets.
      • Appliances.
  • How do I make a renovation checklist?
    • Your Home Renovation Checklist
      1. Set your home renovation goals and determine your budget.
      2. Identify your renovation “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves”
      3. Select your renovation team.
      4. Communication and paperwork.
      5. Practical considerations.
      6. Schedule and conduct calendar check-ins with your contractor.
  • How do you keep track of remodeling expenses?
    • To create a renovation budget, you need a clear idea of what goes into the project, including the labor, material costs, and the delivery of the materials. Once you have the information, build your budget by creating a spreadsheet that factors in all the costs you might incur and each part of the renovation.

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