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XCOM: What Happens When You Cancel Construction - A Comprehensive Review

In this review, we will discuss the positive aspects of XCOM's "cancel construction" feature, its benefits, and the conditions under which it can be used. We aim to provide a simple and easy-to-understand overview for users in the United States.

I. Overview of XCOM:

  • XCOM is a popular turn-based strategy game that allows players to lead a global defense force against alien invasions.
  • The game features a base-building mechanic, where players can construct various facilities to enhance their forces and research new technologies.

II. Understanding the "Cancel Construction" Feature:

  • The "cancel construction" feature in XCOM allows players to halt the progress of building a facility within their base.
  • This can be useful when players realize they need to allocate resources or manpower to more pressing matters, or if they decide to change their base layout and priorities.

III. Benefits of Using the "Cancel Construction" Feature:

  1. Resource Management:

    • By canceling construction, players can reclaim the resources invested in the facility, allowing for better allocation of scarce resources.
    • This helps maintain a balanced economy within the game, preventing wasteful spending.
  2. Strategic Flexibility

You can, go to your engineering bay and click build facilities. There you can delete and upgrade existing ones, or cancel the ones you're currently building.

How many endings does XCOM have?

2 Answers. There are only two possible outcomes to the game, winning, by killing the "priests" at the temple ship, or losing, where 8 nations have left the XCOM project. There is another condition, where the volunteer (the soldier used in the gallop chamber) must survive the final battle (temple ship).

Can you remove building in XCOM 2?

Yeah, you can delete it. Click on Build Facilities under Engineering and hit the red X on the room you want to clear.

Is XCOM 2 never ending?

The answer is: as long as you keep the avatar-counter under control you can take as much time as you want. No you have to finish it on the Alien Base if you mean XCom2 / Com2 WotC.

Is it okay to lose soldiers in XCOM 2?

Losing a soldier is not the end of the world (especially when its a rookie, or early in the game). You are meant to lose soldiers, you are meant to be in positions where people fail and die, you are meant to even lose a mission here or there and continue on.

How do you cancel proving ground projects in XCOM 2?

On the left side of the project name itself. You can see your queue of projects on the side of the proving grounds menu and can remove projects that way. Thank you! Just highlight the item, there's a up/down priority arrow and cancel X button.

What happens if you ignore a retaliation strike XCOM 2?

Failing or ignoring a Retaliation Strike will scatter the Resistance in that region of the world. Contact with the region will be lost and must be reestablished, any radio relays in the region will be destroyed, and the income of the region will be permanently reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you cancel proving ground projects?

Go to the proving grounds, hover over the the projects in the queue you want to cancel, should be an x to the left of it's name, click it. Oh cool I stand corrected, you can even set priority :o. How do I cancel Proving Ground projects?

What is the best build layout in XCOM 2?

Balanced Build Order: Advanced Warfare Centre > Guerrilla Training School > Power Relay > Resistance Comms > Proving Grounds > Psi Lab provides a balanced approach to keeping everyone happy.

Is XCOM 2 kid friendly?


This is the first XCOM game that is rated T. The rest have intense violence, blood and gore, And language.

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