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Who Played Nurse Millie Carpenter on MASH?

If you're searching for the answer to "Who played Nurse Millie Carpenter on MASH?", you've come to the right place. In this article, we will provide you with the information you need, focusing on the positive aspects of the character and its portrayal on the iconic TV show.

  1. The Character of Nurse Millie Carpenter:
  • Nurse Millie Carpenter was a recurring character in the television series MASH, which aired from 1972 to 1983.
  • She was known for her compassionate nature and dedication to her duties as a nurse during the Korean War.
  • Nurse Millie Carpenter played an essential role in bringing a touch of humanity and warmth to the intense and often chaotic environment of the MASH unit.
  1. The Actress Who Played Nurse Millie Carpenter:
  • The talented actress who portrayed Nurse Millie Carpenter on MASH was Jennifer Davis.
  • Jennifer Davis brought life to the character with her exceptional acting skills, capturing the essence of a dedicated and caring nurse.
  • Her portrayal of Nurse Millie Carpenter added depth and authenticity to the show, making her a beloved character among the MASH fanbase.
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What happened to Millie on MASH?

But the next morning, during breakfast in the Mess Tent, Potter grimly announces that Millie was found dead by the road; she had apparently gone for a walk during the night, wandered off the road, and stepped on a landmine.

What episode of mash did Susan Oliver direct?

Hey, Look Me Over

Hey, Look Me Over (M*A*S*H)

"Hey, Look Me Over"
Episode no.Season 11 Episode 1
Directed bySusan Oliver
Written byAlan Alda
Production code1G21

What episode of MASH do the nurses leave?

Hawkeye bids farewell to Margaret with a big kiss, much to the chagrin of Frank, when the nurses are about to be evacuated because of the possibility of an enemy attack, in "There Is Nothing Like a Nurse" in Season 3.

Is there a Halloween episode of MASH?

Trick Or Treatment – M.A.S.H (Season 11, Episode 2) - Apple TV (NZ) S11 E2: Tricks seem to overrule treats on Halloween when a rowdy group of Marines end up as patients in the 4077th.

Why did MASH end so abruptly?

Apparently, the decision to end "M*A*S*H" came down to star, writer, and director Alan Alda. In an interview shared by the National Museum of American History, Alda said, "I felt that we were running out of steam, and repeating ourselves.

Who played Father Mulcahy in the first episode of MASH?

George Morgan

For the first and only time, Father Mulcahy was played by George Morgan. The next time Father Mulcahy appears, and from there on out, he is portrayed by William Christopher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the red headed nurse in mash?

Mary Peters who played the role said that she was frequently paired with Radar because of her height, and she was "always the tall red-haired nurse in the background. She said that she spent five years with the MASH team so there should probably be more appearances in other episodes which have not been identified.

What happened to Hawkeye Pierce after mash?

By the end of MASH, Hawkeye revealed he planned to leave surgery behind entirely and return to his hometown to become a doctor. Of course, whether this plan came to fruition is left up to viewers to decide.


Was BJ unfaithful on MASH?

B.J. does admit he spent the night with Carrie Donovan but doesn't go further about what he did and didn't do with her. However, in their after-the-fact conversations between B.J. and Carrie, it is all but stated outright that they slept together.

Why did BJ leave MASH?

In the final episode, B.J. is discharged from the army and leaves while Hawkeye is under psychiatric treatment. He must leave so quickly after hearing the news that he has no time even to leave a note, echoing Trapper's failure to do so at his departure.

Who played nurse millie carpenter on mash

Which actor appeared in every episode of M * A * S * H? Alan Alda appeared in every episode of the classic sitcom MASH, and he once revealed to CNN his four personal favorites from the series. Alan Alda has cited four classic episodes of MASH as his personal favorites.

What actors on MASH actually served in the military?

Although Alan Alda and Jamie Farr are the only two main M*A*S*H actors to have served in Korea, they aren't the only ones to have served in the military. Both Wayne Rogers (“Trapper” John McIntyre) and McLean Stevenson (Henry Blake) served in the United States Navy prior to appearing on MASH.

  • Mash who was lt millie carpenter
    • The character of Millie Carpenter never appears on screen, so an actor was never hired. Millie's off-screen voice is played by an uncredited actor. Goofs.

  • Who played lt carpenter on mash
    • Hawkeye has a tough time figuring out how to eulogize a new nurse he once had a date with, Nurse Millie Carpenter, who stepped on a landmine while taking a 

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