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Who is the Biggest Construction Company in NYC?

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US Construction Market Report Overview

The US construction market size was $2.1 trillion in 2022.

How much does NYC spend on construction?

Overall, construction spending on projects hit $83B in 2023, according to the New York Building Congress outlook report released Wednesday. Between 2023 and 2025, spending is projected to hit $261B, which would represent an 18% increase over pre-pandemic spending.

What is the easiest contractors license to get?

The easiest kind of contractor's license is a Class “B” Contractor's License. This license allows you to do general contracting work. There are also licenses for specialty contracting work called a Class “C” Contractor's License. These are for jobs like plumbing or electrical.

How do I check a contractor's license in NY?

Check if a home improvement contractor is licensed. Call 311 or 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675) for assistance.

Do contractors in NY need a license?

New York does not require most contractors to hold a license on the state level. There are only three types of contractors that need to carry a state license: Asbestos contractors. Crane operators.

What is the largest construction company in the NY?

AECOM Tishman is the top construction company in NYC by a long shot, generating approximately $3.4 billion in revenue through its activities in the city in 2019.

Who is the largest construction company?

Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel Corporation

Bechtel is the largest construction company in the US, with 55,000 employees and annual revenue of $17.6 billion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number one construction company in the US?


List of the 10 largest construction companies in the USA

1BechtelReston, VA
2Fluor CorporationIrving, TX
3Kiewit CorporationOmaha, NE
4Clark Construction GroupBethesda, MD

Who is the biggest construction company in NYC?

AECOM Tishman is the top construction company in NYC by a long shot, generating approximately $3.4 billion in revenue through its activities in the city in 2019.

How much does construction management pay near New York NY?

The estimated total pay for a Construction Manager is $116,586 per year in the New York City, NY area, with an average salary of $105,817 per year. These numbers represent the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users.

How many construction companies are in New York?

The number of construction firms in New York City has grown by 17 percent since 2010, reaching 14,620 in 2017 (the latest available data).


How do I register a construction company in NYC?
New York contractor licensing by city
  1. Complete the basic license application.
  2. Create a login and apply for licensing.
  3. Provide sales tax ID number.
  4. Provide proof of residency.
  5. Provide proof of business address.
  6. Provide proof of workers' compensation insurance.
  7. Provide proof of EPA certification (for businesses that apply)
Who are the biggest builders in New York?

Top 10 Residential Developers in NYC

RankDeveloper# of Units
1The Chetrit Group2,156
2Extell Development Company1,776
3The Domain Companies1,114
4Heartfelt Builders1,045
How do you organize a small construction company?
If you're learning how to manage a small construction business, here's the top 10 tips to consider.
  1. Understand the Basics.
  2. Develop a Solid Business Plan.
  3. Build Effective Project Management.
  4. Invest in CRM Software.
  5. Focus on Financial Management.
  6. Don't Overlook Your Workforce.
  7. Prioritize Marketing and Brand Reputation.
What is the best structure for a construction company?
Here are three types to consider.
  • Sole proprietorship. Construction companies often begin life as sole proprietorships.
  • Partnership. A partnership is a popular choice since the setup is easy, although there is no personal liability protection.
  • LLC.
  • Making your choice.

Who is the biggest construction company in nyc?

How do you scale a small construction business? 12 Tips to Grow Your Construction Business
  1. Build a great team. In construction, your people are your business.
  2. Manage your business, but lead your people.
  3. Invest in your business.
  4. Be selective to be profitable.
  5. Get the word out.
  6. Play to your strengths.
  7. Network to earn more work.
  8. Quality is king.
How much profit does a small construction company make?

The average profit margin is a percentage of the ratio of the profit to overhead and operating costs. In the construction industry, the average profit margin is approximately 6%. However, some businesses may have a higher margin.

How do you structure a construction company?

Construction Company Organogram

Like the first, the organizational chart starts with the Board of Directors. Below the Board of Directors is the General Manager. Directly below the General Manager, there are several departments represented by directors. They include Project, Purchasing, HR, Finance, and Marketing.

What is a peer review in construction?

Construction peer review is a process in which third-party quality assurance consultants examine the project's design, constructability, and contractor's workmanship. These professionals ideally have extensive experience in the type of buildings they review and are familiar with the latest building codes and standards.

  • How do I find a reputable construction company?
    • Tips for Choosing a Construction Company You Trust
      1. Research the Company's Reputation.
      2. View the Company's Portfolio.
      3. Talk to the Company's Past Clients.
      4. Trust Your Gut Instinct.
  • How do I leave a review for a contractor?
    • The best place to leave a review about a contractor is on home services review sites, such as Angi or HomeAdvisor. These sites tend to be highly trusted, and customer reviews can be used to help other people determine if a contractor is reliable.

  • How do you write a bad review for a contractor?
    • How to Write a Good Negative Review
      1. Take a deep breath before posting.
      2. Avoid hurtful words: thief, liar, crook, rip-off artist, stupid jerk.
      3. Document your concerns with facts.
      4. Without specific documentation, present any specific issues as your opinion.
      5. Keep your comments short and to the point.
  • What are the 3 kinds of peer review?
    • The three most common types of peer review are single-anonymized, double-anonymized, and open peer review. Over time, new models have developed such as transparent, collaborative, and post publication peer review, which are key variations from the standard approach.

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