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Title: The Exciting Countdown: When 360°30 Construction Finishes! Hey there, fellow adventure seekers and curious souls! We have some thrilling news to share with you today. It's time to mark your calendars and get ready for the grand finale of the monumental 360°30 construction project! So grab your hard hats, put on your safety goggles, and let's dive into the delightful details of what awaits us when this construction marvel comes to a close. 1. Spectacular Skyline Transformation: When 360°30 construction finishes, get ready to witness a mind-blowing transformation of the US skyline. This architectural masterpiece will add a touch of modern elegance and innovation to the already impressive cityscape. Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping view that will simply take your breath away! 2. A Playground for Urban Explorers: Calling all urban adventurers and explorers at heart! Once the construction wraps up, you can embark on an exciting journey through the halls and corridors of this new marvel. Whether you're a curious blogger, a dedicated photographer, or an enthusiastic tourist, there will be plenty of photo-worthy moments and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. 3. A Haven for Shopaholics and Foodies: When 360°30 construction finishes, it

When will 360 construction be done

This project is estimated for completion in 2023. The project will provide a fully directional interchange at I-30 and SH 360 ... Construction began in Summer 

What is being built in Arlington TX?

Nearly $1 billion in new development is under construction in Arlington's entertainment district, anchored by the Cowboys' AT&T Stadium, the Texas Rangers' Globe Life Field and the Six Flags theme parks. Those projects include a hotel and convention center, a national museum and a luxury apartment high-rise.

Is there construction on i35 in Texas?

I-35 Northeast Expansion (NEX) Central

The Texas Department of Transportation is constructing approximately 9.5 miles of I-35 from I-410 North to FM 3009 in Bexar and Guadalupe counties, Texas.

Why are houses in Arlington so expensive?

Unaffordable price tags on homes in such towns as Arlington can be explained by a high demand for housing with a low supply of units. “Arlington is an extremely desirable place to live,” Raitt said.

What's the tallest building in Arlington Texas?


1CEB Tower118.9 m / 390 ft
21812 North Moore Street117.8 m / 387 ft
3Rosslyn Twin Tower One116.1 m / 381 ft
4Rosslyn Twin Tower Two116.1 m / 381 ft

What is the Rockwall I-30 expansion?

Segment two of the I-30 expansion project extends across the lake from Dalrock Road to State Highway 205, and will widen the roadway from six lanes to eight. It will also build continuous frontage roads from SH 205 across Lake Ray Hubbard, additions that will dramatically improve reliability during major incidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are they building on the 635 in Dallas?

The 635 East Project is a $1.74 billion design-build roadway construction project by the Texas Department of Transportation to improve mobility, operations and safety along Interstate 635 (I-635) in Dallas County. The project spans 11 miles beginning just east of US 75 in North Dallas to I-30 in Mesquite.

Is Rockwall the richest county in Texas?

Rockwall County also is the richest county in the state. Data analysis website Stacker compiled a list of the wealthiest counties in Texas based on median household income, and Rockwall County came out on top at $100,920.

What is the new highway in Fort Worth?


Construction began in September 2020 on the next phase of I-35W from US 81/287 to Eagle Parkway. The public-private project will rebuild 6.7 miles of I-35W and add four TEXpress Lanes, auxiliary lanes and some frontage roads. The project reached substantial completion in June 2023, three months ahead of schedule.


What is the richest area in Fort Worth Texas?

Fort Worth has five neighborhoods generally considered the most affluent: Westlake, Westover Hills, Rivercrest, Tanglewood and Fairmount.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Arlington VA?
Annual pay of $67,840 is what it takes for two people to live here comfortably, without kids, childcare costs and the requisite additional bedrooms. Single Arlingtonians, though, have to make $56,221 annually to live comfortably — only $11,619 less than a couple does.

When will 360 construction be done

Is it cheaper to live in Arlington or Alexandria?

Though Alexandria is cheaper than Arlington, it's only cheaper by $830 a month. Renters should prioritize living in Alexandria over Arlington; according to RentCafe, the average rent in Arlington is $2,507 a month, while the average in Alexandria is $2,047 a month.

When will the construction of hwy 360 end

Jul 21, 2023 — A $233 million construction project on Interstate 30, State Highway 360 and Six Flags Drive in Arlington is anticipated to reach substantial 

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