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What Room is "POS" on Construction Documents?

I. Understanding the Abbreviation "POS"

  • POS stands for "Point of Sale," which typically refers to the area where transactions take place in a commercial or retail space.
  • It is crucial to comprehend how different rooms are designated on construction documents to ensure effective communication and coordination during the construction process.

II. Positive Aspects of Knowing the "POS" Room

  1. Enhanced Communication:

    • By understanding the "POS" room, architects, contractors, and other professionals involved in the construction project can effectively communicate and coordinate the necessary elements related to the point of sale area.
    • This knowledge helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that the room's design and functionality align with the intended purpose.
  2. Efficient Construction Process:

    • Knowing the location of the "POS" room allows for streamlined planning and

Public Open Space

POS - Public Open Space.

What is the full form of POS in construction?

In retail construction and design, the POS is identified as the point of sale. Basically the cash registers. The term POS is used exclusively to identify the area that the retail customers money it taken, in exchange for the product being sold.

What does POS stand for in floor plans?

Private Open Space (POS) is defined as an area set aside for the exclusive use of the dwelling for which it is intended to benefit and is to be directly accessible from an indoor living area of that dwelling.

What is a POS in architecture?

A public open space is defined as an open piece of land both green space or hard space to which there is public access. Public Open Space sign in San Francisco. Public open space is often referred to by urban planners and landscape architects by the acronym 'POS'. Varied interpretations of the term are possible.

What is a POS area?

POS, or point of sale, refers to the specific area where the exchange of goods takes place. For example, the point of purchase for a loaf of bread is a grocery store, while the point of sale is the check-out aisle at the cash register.

What is HTR in construction?

HTR. - Heater. H.V.A.C. - Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning. H.W. - Hot water.

What is the abbreviation for building construction?


SFLStructural Floor Level
FCLFinished Ceiling Level
TOCTop of Concrete
TOSTop of Steel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the abbreviation for construction and building materials?

The ISO4 abbreviation of Construction and Building Materials is Constr Build Mater. . It is the standardised abbreviation to be used for abstracting, indexing and referencing purposes and meets all criteria of the ISO 4 standard for abbreviating names of scientific journals.

What is the significance of lb?

The “lb” abbreviation for pound originates in the Latin language. The Latin term for pound, Libra pondo translates to “a pound by weight.” The “lb” abbreviation comes from the “libra” portion of phrase. “Libra” literally translates to weight or scale.

What is a lb in technology?

Location-based Services

Services based on the location of a mobile user as determined by using network and/or mobile-device-based technology. Technologies supporting this include cell of origin (also known as cell ID), AOA, time of arrival (TOA), EOTD and GPS or assisted GPS.

What are the abbreviations commonly used on construction drawings?

Architects commonly abbreviate measurements, such as edge distance (ED), far side (FS), and inner diameter (ID). Materials are also often abbreviated such as gypsum (Gyp.), laminated veneer lumber (L.V.L.), and masonry (Mas.). Items to consider when you read a floor plan are abbreviated, such as not to scale (N.T.S.).

What is the abbreviation for drawings?

DWG – Drawing – In computer-aided design and drafting and architectural contexts, this is an abbreviation for drawing, as in a construction sheet or blueprint.

What are the architectural abbreviations?

Building and Construction Drawing Abbreviations
  • AFF - Above finished floor.
  • AFG - Above finished grade.
  • BOF - Bottom of footing.
  • BOW - Bottom of wall.
  • BP or B/P - Blueprint.
  • CAD - Computer-aided drafting.
  • DWG - Drawing.
  • Exc - Excavate.

What are the 6 major types of drawings in a set of construction drawings?

Types of Design and Construction Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings.
  • Structural Drawings.
  • HVAC Drawings.
  • Electrical & Plumbing Drawings.
  • Firefighter Drawings.
  • Miscellaneous Drawings.

What is BM in construction?

BM - Bending Moment.


What does BM stand for?

Bm is a slang term for bowel movement. It can also mean to bad mouth someone or insult someone unprovoked. Either way, everyone has their own definition of this term. For example, on Snapchat, bm means bite me. In marriage, it can mean best man or bridesmaid.

What does BM mean on a blueprint?

BM. - Beam. B.N. - Boundary nailing. B.O. - Bottom of. B.O.F. - Bottom of footing.

What does BM stand for engineering?

BM engineering stands for "Bio-Medical engineering". It is a field of engineering that applies principles of engineering.

What is BM in maintenance?
Breakdown Maintenance. BM stands for Breakdown Maintenance and is a kind of facility maintenance.

What does OD mean in construction?

The outer diameter (OD) of a hollow circular pipe is the measurement of the outside edges of the pipe passing through its center. The outer diameter of a pipe, together with its wall thickness, are essential to inside diameter calculations. The outer diameter of a pipe should not be confused with the nominal diameter.

What is OD in technical terms?

1. n. [Drilling] Outside or outer diameter. Casing and tubing are commonly described in terms of inside diameter (ID) and outside diameter.

What does OD stand for in work?
Organization development (OD) is an effort that focuses on improving an organization's capability through the alignment of strategy, structure, people, rewards, metrics, and management processes.

What does OD mean in design?

Designing organisation models and systems, and developing behaviour and culture, to enable organisation strategy and performance.

What room is pos on construction documents

What's the difference between ID and OD?

The Inside Diameter is the inside measurement from one inside edge to the other inside edge on the interior of a hose, tube, pipe or other object. It is often abbreviated as I.D. The Outside Diameter is the outside measurement from one outer edge to the other outer edge of a hose, tube, pipe, or other object.

What does CL mean in building?


CL – Centerline. CL or CLOS – Closet.

What is the full form of CL in construction?

CL means Center Line . You use Center of windows , doors , rooms , or plumbing or electrical fixtures to locate them in the proper place often centered on the room , wall , or ceiling .

What does CL mean on drawings?


Engineering drawing abbreviations and symbols

Abbreviation or symbolDefinition
CL or ℄centreline or centerline; class
CNCcomputer numerical control
CRcontrolled radius
CREScorrosion-resistant [steel]
What is CL the abbreviation for?

Cl is a written abbreviation for centiliter. ... two 75cl bottles of quality wine.

What does CI stand for in building construction? Continuous insulation (ci) (as defined in ASHRAE 90.1, Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings): “Insulation that is continuous across all structural members without thermal bridges other than fasteners and service openings.

What does the abbreviation VC stand for? Venture capital or venture capitalist, the financing of growing businesses. Vi coactus (V.C., in Latin: "force coacted"), a handwritten signal made on a signed document. Vice-Chancellor, the chief executive of a university.

What does VCS stand for in construction?

Verified Carbon Standard

VCS - Verified Carbon Standard.

  • What are the abbreviations on blueprints?
    • Architects commonly abbreviate measurements, such as edge distance (ED), far side (FS), and inner diameter (ID). Materials are also often abbreviated such as gypsum (Gyp.), laminated veneer lumber (L.V.L.), and masonry (Mas.). Items to consider when you read a floor plan are abbreviated, such as not to scale (N.T.S.).

  • What is the abbreviation of CC in construction?
    • Classification of types of construction, abbreviated as CC, is a nomenclature for the classification of constructions according to their type.

  • What is a VC meeting?
    • The dominant purpose of an initial meeting with a venture capitalist is to decide whether there is going to be a second meeting. In order to decide this, the VC is going to need enough basic information to decide whether to commit resources to do further diligence.

  • What does TCT mean in construction?
    • The Base Metal Thickness (BMT) measures the steel substrate prior to any metallic coating or paint being added to the substrate. The Total Coated Thickness (TCT) measures the steel substrate as well as the metallic coating, resin coating and/ or paint film.

  • What is TC for work?
    • Total compensation includes all of the monetary incentives a company provides the employee with in return for work. Most often, they include your base salary, a bonus, equity, and benefits.

  • What does TSC stand for in construction?
    • NEC3: Term Service Contract (TSC) | NEC Products | NEC Contracts.

  • What does TC stand for in freight?
    • A Time Charter (TC) is a type of vessel chartering and a vessel employment contract between two counterparties: the Owner and the Charterer. Each counterparty has different responsibilities and concerns, which are captured in the Charter Party Agreement.

  • What does TC mean on a floor plan?
    • House plan abbreviations

      TCTerra cotta

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