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What is the Plan Side in a Construction House?

When it comes to building or renovating a house, understanding the concept of the plan side is essential. In this article, we will explore the positive aspects of the plan side in a construction house, its benefits, and the conditions in which it can be used.

I. Understanding the Plan Side:

The plan side refers to the layout or design of a construction house. It provides a visual representation of the building, including its rooms, dimensions, and overall structure. It serves as a blueprint for construction teams, architects, and homeowners, ensuring that everyone is on the same page during the building process.

II. Positive Aspects of the Plan Side:

  1. Clarity and Communication:
  • The plan side ensures clear communication between all parties involved in the construction process.
  • It minimizes confusion and misunderstandings by providing a visual representation of the house design.
  • Architects, contractors, and homeowners can discuss and make changes to the plan side to align with their requirements.
  1. Accuracy and Precision:
  • The plan side allows for accurate measurements and precise positioning of walls, doors, windows, and other structural elements.
  • It helps in optimizing the use of available space and ensures that the final construction matches the initial vision
A plan is a view of an object projected horizontally, or from above. In architectural drawing, this is known as a top view or top plan. Other architectural plans are cut horizontally through the building or object, usually at a height of about 1200mm above the ground or a floor plane.

Where is wall height on blueprints?

Once you have linear feet of your wall, you can usually find the heights on the reflected ceiling plan, interior elevation sheets, or on the building sectional views.

Which drawing shows the layout of a building as seen from the top?

Floor Plan

A floor plan is another important architectural drawing that shows the arrangement of the spaces in the building. It is similar to a map showing the layout of the building from the top. It indicates the walls, windows, doors, and other features like furniture fittings and so on.

How do you read construction drawings?

Here's how you can read construction plans like a pro in five steps.
  1. Read the Title Block.
  2. Go Over the Plan Legend.
  3. Inspect the Drawings.
  4. Determine Orientation.
  5. Look for Any Notes Added.
  6. Conclusion.

Where is the top view in drawing?

In an orthographic drawing, the right side view of the object is usually shown in the lower right, the front view is usually shown in the lower left, and the top view is usually shown in the upper left.

What can you see in a plan view?

A plan drawing shows a view from above. This is often used to depict the layout of a building, showing locations of rooms and windows, walls, doors, stairs etc. Although plan drawings can be drawn from above, they are often drawn cutting through the building with horizontal plane.

What is the plan view in civil engineering?

The “plan” view is commonly the first view we see in a construction plan set. This makes sense because, in addition to providing the basic horizontal locations of project elements, it often provides the basis for locating and orienting all the other views we subsequently see.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a plan view on a blueprint?

Plan view. The plan view is a bird's-eye view of a structure from above. It's probably the most recognizable form of blueprint to most people: a two-dimensional or “flat” view drawn as if the walls were cut in half on the horizontal plane. Each floor of a building gets its own plan view drawing.

What are the parts of a complete building plan?

Often known as the blueprint of the construction site, a building plan helps in visualising the project before its completion. A building plan consists of elements such as elevations, electrical detailing, plumbing, site plan, floor plans, structural plans, cross-sections, and landscape drawings.

What are the main components of a construction plan?

General Construction Planning: 6 Elements of a Planning Process
  • Creating the Construction Master Plan Document.
  • Setting Concrete Project Goals and Milestones.
  • Including Key Participants.
  • Executing the Plan.
  • Tracking Plan Performance With Tech Tools.
  • Project Closeout and Success Evaluation.
  • Conclusion.

What type of plans do you need to build a house?

  • Floor plans.
  • Foundation or basement plan.
  • Exterior Elevations.
  • Roof plan.
  • Building sections.
  • Typical wall sections.
  • Electrical Plans.
  • Interior Elevations, notes and details.

Can you build a house without blueprints?

An appraiser will need drawings to help evaluate the home's value, a lender will require plans when approving the construction loan, the architectural review committee or city will need them to ensure the home meets neighborhood standards and codes, and most important, the builder will need detailed plans to guide the

What's the difference between a floor plan and a blueprint?

Blueprint: What's the Difference? Although floor plans and blueprints look similar, they are fundamentally different documents. A blueprint is a drawing of plans of a home, building, or structure that is done to scale and includes more details than a basic floor plan.

What type of house plan is the cheapest to build?

What is the cheapest type of house to build?
  • Ranch-style homes.
  • Colonial homes.
  • Tiny homes.
  • Kit homes.
  • Off-grid homes.
  • Prefabricated homes.
  • Shipping container homes.
  • Barndominiums.

What is included in a full set of building plans?

Each of these detailed house plans includes floor joist, ceiling joist, spacing, direction, span, and specifications. Beam and window headers, along with necessary details for framing connections, stairways, or dormers are also included.


Which of the following are usually included in a set of house plans?
What's in a Set of Plans
  • Typical Detail & Notes.
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan.
  • Floor Framing Plan.
  • Exterior Elevations.
  • Building Section & Details.
  • Interior Elevations.
  • Electrical Plan.
What needs to be included in house plans?
What's Included in a House Plan?
  • Foundation Plan. Plan representation indicating the general design intent of the foundation.
  • Floor Plan(s) Dimensioned plans indicating the layout of rooms, walls, doors, and windows.
  • Roof Plan.
  • Exterior Elevation.
  • Building Section(s)
  • Electrical Plan(s)
  • Construction Notes and Details​
What is usually the first sheet on a set of building plans?

The cover sheet is, you guessed it, the front cover of your construction drawing set. Several key pieces of information belong on the cover sheet, giving any reader the basic information of a project. Cover sheets allow some flexibility for its design depending on the firm's or client's standards.

What is typical building plan?

A building plan consists of elements such as elevations, electrical detailing, plumbing, site plan, floor plans, structural plans, cross-sections, and landscape drawings. It is extensively used by civil engineers and architects as a reference during the building's construction.

What should be included in building plans?
Below is a typical example of what is included in our construction plans:
  • Cover Sheet.
  • Foundation.
  • First Floor Plan.
  • Second Floor Plan.
  • Lighting and Electrical.
  • Front and Rear Elevations.
  • Right and Left Elevations.
  • Roof Plan.
What are the components of a building plan?

A building plan consists of elements such as elevations, electrical detailing, plumbing, site plan, floor plans, structural plans, cross-sections, and landscape drawings. It is extensively used by civil engineers and architects as a reference during the building's construction.

What does a construction plan include?

It involves the choice of technology, the definition of work tasks, the estimation of the required resources and durations for individual tasks, and the identification of any interactions among the different work tasks. A good construction plan is the basis for developing the budget and the schedule for work.

What is the plan side in a construction house

What are builders plans and specs?

Plan and spec is a method of commercial construction project delivery where design drawings (or plans) are created along with written specifications (or specs) to further describe the equipment and parts shown in the drawings.

What are the 11 basic features commonly shown on a floor plan?

Name the 11 basic features commonly found on a floor plan. Exterior & interior walls; size & location of windows & doors; built-in cabinets & appliances; permanent fixtures; stairs; fireplaces; walks, patios, & decks; room names; material symbols; location & size dimensions; & scale.

What is a plan view in construction?

A plan view gives you an entirely different perspective of the building you have designed. It's the view of the home or building from above and, usually, with the roof removed.

What is the difference between plan view and side view?

In basic terms, a plan is a birds-eye view of a space. When drawing a floor plan, the roof would be removed so the interior space can be seen. This is an elevation view. An elevation is a view from the side of an object, when drawing interior elevations, this would represent one of the walls.

What is the difference between plan and section?

Finally, a section drawing is where the visual representation shows a vertical cut through. While a plan of a space looks down from above with the roof removed, a section is the same but cut through vertically.

What is plan in building construction?

A construction plan is a set of documents that defines the requirements for a construction project, such as the activities, resources, schedule and budget. A construction plan is created during the construction planning process and includes the following: A written document that defines the methodologies and approach.

Which side are you looking at in a plan view?

In 2D or 3D, a floor plan will display the interior layout of the home or building you are designing. As is the case with all other types of plan views, the viewpoint is from above the building, looking down.

  • Which type of drawings include things such as floor plans exterior elevations and sections?
    • Architectural Drawings. Architectural drawings are created by the architects following the set of conventions, which contain sheet sizes, units of measurement and scales, particular views (floor plan, section, etc.), annotation, and cross-referencing. There are different types of architectural drawings.

  • For what type of architectural drawings is the plan view of a structure used?
    • Plan drawings are used by architects to show a section of a building or the entire building. It's drawn on a horizontal plan with a viewpoint from above. These drawings are commonly used by architects and engineers when displaying a graphic representation of a building.

  • Which type of plan set shows the floor plan building sections elevations and building details?
    • Location drawings

      Location drawings are a general category of drawings that can include a combination of floor plans, elevations, and cross-sections. Sometimes called “general arrangement drawings” these architectural plans show the general location of different construction elements.

  • Which construction view shows all 4 sides of a structure?
    • The floor plans provide the overview needed to establish the visualization that will assist in future project interpretation. Elevations depict the exterior features of the building, Figure 1‑6. Usually, a minimum of four elevation drawings is needed to show the design of all sides of the structure.

  • What are plans sections and elevations called?
    • Plans, elevations and sections are 2D visuals that represent a 3D object. Combining different 2D visuals allows you to create an accurate representation of a design. Or in the instance of interior design, a space. This is a plan view. In basic terms, a plan is a birds-eye view of a space.

  • What are elevation drawings most likely to show?
    • An elevation drawing is an orthographic projection drawing that shows one side of the house. The purpose of an elevation drawing is to show the finished appearance of a given side of the house and furnish vertical height dimensions.

  • What is a section drawing?
    • A section drawing (also called a section, or sectional drawing) depicts a structure as though it had been sliced in half or cut along an imaginary plane, usually at a vertical orientation, allowing the viewer to see the interior of a building and, if applicable, its different levels or floors.

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