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Jan 31, 2022 — Construction is underway to improve traffic on 13 miles of I-40 from Raleigh to Cornwallis Road in Clayton. This stretch serves communities in 

What is construction delays on i 40 from johnston county nc

From I-40 in Tenn., eastbound travelers should take I-81 North to I-26. East to I-240 East in Asheville, N.C. to re-access I-40. • Absolutely NO Alternate Route 

When will the raleigh i 40 construction end

Sep 29, 2023 — The state recently signed a contract to start construction on phase two, which will complete I-540, from I-40 at Garner to Knightdale, by 2028.

When are they closing i40 in davie county nc for construction

Closures will take place from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Monday nights through Friday mornings. Work will begin on I-40 East through the project limits, and then switch 

When will they stop construction on i40 in nc

The one-lane traffic pattern will remain until May when replacement construction of the two bridges, which are at the end of their life, substantially nears 

When will 440 construction be done

Jun 14, 2023 — Blue Ridge Road will be closed​ on either side of the railroad tracks just south of Hillsborough Street starting in October 2022. This closure 

What big IT company is coming to Raleigh?

Companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Advance Auto Parts, Egnyte, and PolicyGenius have announced they are either relocating their headquarters or opening satellite offices in the Raleigh area.

Is Raleigh the next Silicon Valley?

1 'hot spot' for tech startups outside Silicon Valley. Raleigh is the top-ranked "hot spot" outside of Silicon Valley and San Francisco for tech startups and workers, according to a new report by moving blog

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