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What is Class Code for Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to the construction industry, understanding class codes is crucial for proper categorization and insurance purposes. In this review, we will delve into the topic of "What is class code for construction" and highlight its positive aspects, benefits, and the conditions under which it can be used.

I. What is Class Code for Construction?

  • Definition: Class codes are numerical representations assigned to specific industries, including construction, for insurance and risk management purposes.
  • Purpose: Class codes help insurance companies assess the risks associated with different industries and determine appropriate premium rates.
  • Importance: Understanding class codes is essential for accurate insurance coverage and compliance with regulatory requirements.

II. Positive Aspects of What is Class Code for Construction:

  1. Simplified Classification: Class codes simplify the complex construction industry by categorizing various activities and trades into distinct groups.
  2. Accurate Risk Assessment: By assigning class codes, insurance companies can evaluate the specific risks associated with different construction activities and trades.
  3. Streamlined Insurance Process: Class codes enable insurance providers to offer tailored coverage options and accurate premium rates based on industry-specific risks.
  4. Compliance and Legal Requirements: Properly determining the class code for construction ensures compliance with insurance regulations and

The description for code 8720 is Construction Job Site Salespersons and Estimators. The code applies to employees who perform job site measurements or inspections to prepare for bids. Employees that do not have any job site exposure can stay in code 8742.

What is the difference between class code 8810 and 8742?

Code 8810—Clerical Office Employees NOC and Code 8742—Salespersons or Collectors—Outside. ratemaking organizations.

What is FL WC Class code 8835?

Class Codes

StateClass CodeDescription
CO8835Home, Public, and Traveling Healthcare--All Employees
CT8835Home, Public, and Traveling Healthcare--All Employees
FL8835Home, Public, and Traveling Healthcare--All Employees
GA8835Home, Public, and Traveling Healthcare--All Employees

What is a workers comp code 8015?

8015 Quick Printing—Copying or Duplicating Service—All Employees & Clerical, Salespersons, Drivers.

What is a wcirb code 8742?

Code 8742: Salespersons - Outside

This classification generally applies to outside salespersons, collectors or messengers, fund raising managers or directors who travel.

What is a class code?

Class codes, also called classification codes, help insurers categorize businesses according to factors like liability, job risk, and industry. Insurance companies use different systems of class codes for different types of business insurance including general liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance.

What is a class code 5474?

Code 5474 applies to employers engaged in general painting operations. This classification includes interior and exterior painting of commercial and residential structures made of wood, stone or concrete, metal storage tanks, fire escapes, staircases, balconies, shutters, window frames or sash.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out my class code?

The first step is to open Google Classroom and click class you need. Click the settings wheel in the upper right corner of your classroom. This will open your class settings. Scroll down and locate your class code.

What is a class code 8810 in CT?

Clerical employees

Clerical employees are to be classified under Code 8810. This classification applies to employees other than professional employees (8868), drivers (7380), clerical (8810) and therapists and nurses (8833). Generally, this classification applies to maintenance and security personnel.

What are the different types of NCCI?

The NCCI program has three types of edits: Procedure to procedure (PTP), Medically unlikely edits (MUEs) and Add-on-codes (AOCs).

What is class code 8720?

Code 8720 applies to employers engaged in the physical inspection of property for insurance, safety and valuation purposes.

What is Wcirb class code 8740?

Classification 8740(3) applies to non-residing property management supervisors who exercise direction through maintenance or operations supervisors who directly supervise employees engaged in the operation, maintenance and care of properties.


What are the classification codes?

Class codes, also called classification codes or workers' comp classification codes, are three- or four-digit codes that insurance companies use to estimate rates. Codes are based on the risks associated with each type of work an employee performs.

Which of the following is a benefit category of workers compensation?

There are five basic types of workers' compensation benefits that include medical care, temporary disability benefits, permanent disability benefits, supplemental job displacement benefits, and death benefits.

What is a manual classification code?

Manual classifications codes are divided into two types — basic and standard exception. Basic classifications describe a company's general business operations. With over 500 basic classification codes, many companies may find that they are so specialized in their operations that there is not a specific code for them.

What are the 4 classification categories?
Basis of Classification of Data
  • Geographical Classification. The classification of data on the basis of geographical location or region is known as Geographical or Spatial Classification.
  • Chronological Classification.
  • Qualitative Classification.
  • Quantitative Classification.
What is class code 8859 for workers comp?

California 8859 Class Code - Computer Programming or Software Development.

What is class code for construction

What is NYS Workers Comp Code 8742?

Code 8742 applies to salespersons, collectors or messengers performing duties away from the employer's premises. This classification does not include salespersons, who as a regular part of their duties, handle or display actual merchandise sold by the employer.

What is a 5606 classification?

Code 5606 applies to executive supervisors, construction executives, construction managers, construction superintendents or project managers having administrative or managerial responsibility for construction or erection projects.

What is class code 5474?

Code 5474 is applied to painting contractors engaged in painting provided such work is not otherwise classified in the manual. Code 5474 includes shop operations performed by an insured that is also engaged in exterior painting activities.

What is the class code 8740?

California 8740 Class Code - Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation — property management supervisors.

  • What is class code 4829?
    • Code 4829 applies to employers engaged in manufacturing products requiring a chemical conversion. Chemical conversion is any process in which the substances used in the manufacturing process undergo a molecular change in composition.

  • What is a 9519 class code?
    • Code 9519 applies to employers engaged in installation, service and repair of electrical household appliances and products such as refrigerators, televisions, microwave ovens, video recorders, electric dryers, vacuum cleaners, CD/DVD players, dishwashers, washing machines, sewing machines, etc. regardless of size.

  • What is a class code 8835?
    • Class Code 8835 | Home Health Care- All Employees

      Employees in this class code can include registered nurses, LPN's, certified nurses aides, home health aides, social workers and therapists. In most states Class Code 8835 also includes homemaker services and companion care.

  • What does class code 8742 mean?
    • Workers Comp Code 8742 Salespersons Or Collectors - Outside. 8742 Outside Sales are employees who perform their duties away from the employers premises.

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