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What Construction Term Is "Laborch"? A Comprehensive Guide

If you've stumbled upon the term "Laborch" while researching construction-related topics, you may have been left perplexed. In this guide, we aim to clarify the meaning of this term and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of its relevance in the construction industry. Let's dive in!

  1. Definition of "Laborch":

    "Laborch" is not a commonly used construction term. It is likely a misspelling or a typographical error. Therefore, it is essential to explore other construction terms that may be more relevant to your search.

  2. Relevant Construction Terms:

    To ensure you find accurate information, consider using the following construction terms:

a. Labor Cost: Refers to the expenses associated with employing construction workers, including wages, benefits, and any additional overhead costs.

b. Labor Productivity: Measures the efficiency and effectiveness of labor in completing construction tasks, often expressed as output per hour.

c. Labor Union: An organization that represents and advocates for the rights and interests of construction workers, negotiating wages, working conditions, and other benefits on their behalf.

d. Laborer: A general term for a worker involved in various manual tasks on construction sites, such as digging, carrying

20 construction process terms. Here are terms that relate to the construction process: Area: Area is the measurement of a space in square units. Backfilling: This construction term refers to the stage at which a hole is dug. Once dug, backfilling refills the hole with the material that was dug out of it.

What are some words for construction?

Synonyms of construction
  • Structure.
  • Erection.
  • Arrangement.
  • Assembly.
  • Framework.
  • Geometry.
  • Frame.
  • Configuration.

What is construction site covering called?

Exterior construction cover-up (also known as hoarding) usually consists of vertical sheets of plywood or metal fencing erected around construction sites to prevent pedestrians from being injured and also to prevent site entry by unauthorized personnel.

What are the stages of construction called?

What are the 6 steps of a construction process?
  • Conception (aka planning and development) Planning and development, sometimes called project conception, is the very beginning of the construction process.
  • Design.
  • Preconstruction.
  • Procurement.
  • Construction.
  • Post construction.

What is the terminology for foundation in construction?

Fill: the soil added to provide the desired grade when constructing a foundation. Footing: concrete placed below grade that distributes the load of the foundation over an extended area. Girders: wooden members that are often used to support vertical loads, such as floor joists. Grade: the level of the ground surface.

What is labor in construction?

Construction. In the construction industry, labour is the term usually given to unskilled, manual workers on a site, i.e what is normally termed 'manual labour' or 'site labour'. It may do a variety of jobs including, digging, cleaning, catering, carrying and lifting.

What is construction terminology?

Building construction terminology, speaks to construction glossary and construction terms. It explains the words and phrases used in the construction industry which allows architects, design engineers, general contractors and many varied sub contractors to speak the language of construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What words are associated with building and building construction?

Types of words associated with buildings e.g. foundation, walls, celling, plumbing, plot, land, plans, documents, site, upstairs, plaster, roofing, labors, contractors, block layers, bricklayer.

What is the process of building a building called?

The construction phase involves site preparation, excavation, foundation, framing, masonry work, roofing, interior finishes, and exterior finishes. Finally, post-construction involves the final walkthrough and the handover of the completed building.

What are the words associated with building construction?

Types of words associated with buildings e.g. foundation, walls, celling, plumbing, plot, land, plans, documents, site, upstairs, plaster, roofing, labors, contractors, block layers, bricklayer.

What are some verbs used for construction?


The Verb (infinitive form)The MeaningRegular /Irregular
To buildTo construct for a dwelling.Irregular
To constructTo pile up, arrange or buildRegular
To demolishTo pull or tear down a structure.Regular
To extendTo increase in size or area. To add to an existing building.Regular

What is an ASI in construction terms?

An ASI in construction (Architect's Supplemental Instructions) is a document that contains revisions, changes, and/or additional information that an architect issues to the contractor to supplement the original construction plans, specs and blueprints they provided.


What is a finish construction?

Finish work describes anything that is used to “finish” off your home (i.e. trim work, crown moulding, window casings, millwork, shiplap, paneling, coffered ceilings etc). All of these things are typically found in a home BUT they aren't necessarily a “necessity” of building a home.

What is the finishing stage of construction?

The last stage of construction involves putting the finishing touches on the building. This involves installing flooring, painting the walls, putting countertops in or adding faucets in the bathrooms. Once this stage is done, the building process will be completed and you will be left with a beautiful building.

What is the meaning of finished construction?

Construction Completion means when all Work specified in the Contract, excluding Work required during the warranty period, has been completed by the Contractor in accordance with the Specifications and Plans and accepted by the Department.

What is an architectural finish?

Architectural finishes in a holistic sense can refer to a variety of textures, solidities, colours and materials and refers to hard and soft permanently fixed finishes such as plaster or render and other surface coatings, such as paint and wallpaper, internal and external claddings of timber, stone, glass, resins and

What is a change order in construction?

What Is a Change Order in Construction? In construction, a change order refers to the documentation of an agreement to add or subtract work, alter the design, revise the schedule, modify the price, or deviate from the original project in some other way.

What construction term is laborch

What are ten words associated with building and building construction?

Types of words associated with buildings e.g. foundation, walls, celling, plumbing, plot, land, plans, documents, site, upstairs, plaster, roofing, labors, contractors, block layers, bricklayer.

What is a typical construction process?

The construction process is the detailed steps required to complete your construction project. This process can be broken down into five phases – planning/design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction. Depending on the size and scope of the project, each phase has its own set of challenges.

What is the sequence of a typical construction process?

What is the order of construction? Construction order refers to the major sequence of work followed while constructing a building. Construction order typically starts with marking, excavation, foundation, framing, brick masonry, roofing, flooring, and finishing.

What are the 4 types of construction contracts? Here are four main construction contracts to choose from, plus their pros and cons:
  • Lump-Sum Contracts.
  • Cost-Plus-Fee Contracts.
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts.
  • Unit-Price Contracts.
  • What is an example of a cost plus fixed fee?
    • A: As an example, a cost-plus contract may establish that the total estimated cost of a building project is $10 million plus a fixed fee of $1.5 million, roughly 15% of the total cost, as the contractor's profit. So the total expense to the buyer would be approximately $11.5 million —the cost plus the fee.

  • What is a stay used for in construction?
    • Cable stays are vital to supporting the weight of some of the largest structures during construction. High capacity power winches from Thern supply the necessary power to hold and move those cables during repositioning, ensuring that you have maximum load control through every step of the process.

  • What is the purpose of stays?
    • The primary purpose of 18th-century stays was to raise and shape the breasts, tighten the midriff, support the back, improve posture to help a woman stand straight, with the shoulders down and back, and only slightly narrow the waist, creating a "V" shaped upper torso over which the outer garment would be worn; however

  • What does a stay do?
    • Stay is an action taken by a court to stop a legal proceeding or the actions of a party. A stay most commonly is issued by a court as a stay of proceedings in order to stop litigation from continuing, and they normally are only temporary.

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