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5 days ago — The changes would include the segment of US-131 between M-11, as well as Wealthy Street near downtown. According to a Planning and Environment 

When will construction on 196 be done

Jul 31, 2023 — Dating back to 2022, the Michigan Department of Transportation kicked off a two-phase project to rebuild a total of 14 miles of I-196 from Byron 

Where is there construction on us 131

Apr 25, 2023 — More than 13 miles of US-131 from the Rocky River to Shaver Road in Schoolcraft will be rebuilt or repaved. · The $51 million investment is a two 

Is there construction on I 196 in Michigan?

- A $66 million investment is underway to rebuild I-196 in southeast Ottawa County. - This two-year project is expected to be finished in November 2023. - This project is part of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Rebuilding Michigan program.

What are they building at 52nd and Kalamazoo?

52nd Street SE – Kalamazoo to Breton - COMPLETED

Project description: Full reconstruction that will include a new water main on the north side of 52nd Street, new asphalt pavement surface on the roadway and a new traffic signal at the intersection of 52nd Street and Stauffer Avenue.

What is the construction on US 23 in Michigan?

The Michigan Avenue bridge at the US-23 interchange will be replaced and constructed with right-turn lanes, a 10' multimodal pathway, and new interchange ramps. The project will begin on March 1st, 2023 and is planned to continue until November of 2023.

When was US 131 built in Michigan?

November 11, 1926U.S. 131 / Constructed

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How long is the construction on 96 in Michigan?

I-96 Flex Route: MDOT began construction of a Flex Route on 1-96 on March 21, 2022. Construction is expected to be completed in 2024.

What are they building downtown Grand Rapids?

GRAND RAPIDS — A downtown Grand Rapids amphitheater could generate $490 million in economic spinoff and create 825 new jobs over 30 years while also spur the development of up to 1,700 nearby housing units.

What is the castle looking building outside of Grand Rapids Michigan?

Grand Castle
Town or cityGrandville, Michigan
CountryUnited States
Coordinates42°54′57″N 85°45′36″W
Construction startedApril 2016


What was the longest road built where does it go?

The longest road in the world, according to Guinness World Records, is the Pan-American Highway, which runs 19,000 miles through fourteen countries and connects to four more between North America and South America.

How long is construction on 275 in Michigan?

Revive 275 began in July 2021, with anticipated completion in September 2025, including watering and cultivating landscaping. 100% complete once cone is filled to the top.

When was Interstate 196 built?

1963Interstate 196 / Constructed

Michigan State Trunkline Highway System

That I-196 was built in the late 1950s and completed in the early 1960s. The first segment of the current I-196 was opened as I-96 near Benton Harbor in 1962.

What construction is happening on i 196 in grand rapids, mi

What highway is under construction in Chicago? Kennedy Expressway Bridge Rehabilitation Project

The work will take place over three consecutive construction seasons, broken down into the following stages: 2023 – Inbound Kennedy: Click here for stage 1 fact sheet. 2024 – Reversible Express Lanes: Click here for stage 2 fact sheet.

Is there road construction on I-90 in Illinois?

Project Overview

The Illinois Tollway has scheduled maintenance and repair work along the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90) in 2023.

  • Is there construction on the Chicago Skyway?
    • Current Projects

      Stage 1: The Chicago Skyway (I-90) in both the eastbound (EB) and westbound (WB) lanes of traffic will be reduced to one lane while lanes 1 & 2 (e.g. both inside and middle lanes) will be closed for bridge deck work from the Marquette Viaduct to East End Overpass.

  • How long will 275 be under construction in Michigan?
    • Timeline & Progress. Revive 275 began in July 2021, with anticipated completion in September 2025, including watering and cultivating landscaping. 100% complete once cone is filled to the top.

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