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Understanding the Phases of the Design and Construction Process

In this article, we will delve into the phases of the design and construction process. Whether you are a homeowner planning a renovation or a professional in the construction industry, understanding these phases is essential. We will outline each phase and highlight its importance, benefits, and suitable conditions for utilizing this process.

I. Pre-Design Phase:

During the pre-design phase, crucial groundwork is laid before any physical construction begins. This phase involves the following key steps:

  1. Project Initiation:
  • Identifying the need for a design and construction project.
  • Establishing project goals, objectives, and scope.
  • Assessing feasibility, budget, and timeframe.
  1. Site Analysis:
  • Evaluating the site's characteristics, such as topography, geotechnical conditions, and environmental considerations.
  • Conducting surveys and investigations to gather data.


  • Clear understanding of project goals and scope.
  • Accurate assessment of the project's feasibility.
  • Identification of potential challenges and risks.
  • Creation of a solid foundation for the design and construction process.

Suitable Conditions:

  • Any construction project, regardless of scale or complexity.
  • Essential for ensuring a well-planned and successful project.

II. Design Phase:


Stage 3: Construction documentation — 8 to 12 weeks

These documents bring together all the details and selections to be included in the house. This stage can span 8 to 12 weeks.

What is the construction documentation phase?

Following the Design Development, the construction document phase focuses on providing information in the form of final drawings and specifications that enables permitting by authorities having jurisdiction, as well as bidding and construction of the project by a qualified builder.

Does the term construction documents mean just drawings?

Construction Documents contain detailed Architecture and MEP (Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing) drawings, as well as specifications such as material type and quantity information.

How long does it take to get a house plan?

However, whether they are drawing house plans by hand or by computer, the process takes several months, not hours. Typically, homeowners should plan about four months for the design process from the initial consultation to the time the construction documents get submitted.

What is included in construction documents?

These are some of the most common and important construction documents for building projects of all kinds.
  • 1: Construction Agreement.
  • 2: General Conditions.
  • 3: Special Conditions.
  • 4: Scope of Work (SOW)
  • 5: Drawings.
  • 7: Bill of Quantities.
  • 9: Schedule of Values.
  • 10: Cost Estimate.

What are the 5 phases of the design build process?

Design-Build Process Steps. The design-build process can be broken down into five main steps: team selection, project planning, design, GMP/bidding, and construction. For the most part, these steps will happen sequentially, but not necessarily independent of one another.

What is the design phase of construction?

The second phase of a construction project is the design stage, also commonly known as the pre-construction stage. This is the time when comprehensive plans for the structure's final design are drawn up, and all the preparation required to begin construction occurs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 4 phases of construction?

The construction process is typically divided into 4 essential phases: Planning, Preconstruction, Construction and Close-out.

What are the 7 steps of construction?

Here's the process:
  • Step 1: Design. During this phase, the client places a project for bidding.
  • Step 2: Pre-Construction.
  • Step 3: Procurement.
  • Step 4: Construction.
  • Step 5: Commissioning.
  • Step 6: Owner Occupancy.
  • Step 7: Project Closeout.

What are the 4 types of design process?

Design processes can be broadly categorized into ideation, conception, design, and production. Ideation involves generating ideas for a product or service. Conception is the process of turning these ideas into a usable design.

What happens during the construction document phase?

Following the Design Development, the construction document phase focuses on providing information in the form of final drawings and specifications that enables permitting by authorities having jurisdiction, as well as bidding and construction of the project by a qualified builder.

What is the scope statement of a construction project?


Additionally, the scope statement includes what work should not be performed in order to eliminate any implied but unnecessary work which falls outside the of the project's scope. This project includes all the deliverables described [at the general level] in the Scope Statement.

What is an example of scope of work in construction?

The scope of work is typically accompanied by a specification, which specifies the materials and finishes being used on the project. For example, for a kitchen renovation, the scope of work should specify that the benchtop will be made from laminate.

What is a construction drawing in architecture?

What are construction drawings? Construction Drawings are a graphical representation of what will be built, how it will be laid out, the components, framework and dimensions. There is a construction drawing highlighting the details for every aspect of a construction project.

How do I find architectural drawings of a building?

Call or visit the city building department and request original building plans for the existing structure in question. If the building department doesn't have an original copy of the structure's building plans, they may have information on the architect that designed the structure, who may have original copies.

What is the architectural design process for construction?

The Steps of the Architectural Process
  1. Pre-Design. The architectural process begins long before your architect sits at the (figurative) drafting table.
  2. Schematic Design.
  3. Design Development.
  4. Contract Documents.
  5. Bidding/Negotiation.
  6. Contract Administration (Construction)
  7. Post-Occupancy.


Who creates architectural drawings?
Architects and designers create these types of technical drawings during the planning stages of a construction project. Architecture drawings are important for several reasons: They help owners and project planners understand how a building will look and function when it's finished.

Do architects do construction drawings?
Project owners can expect to view many sets of drawings from both the engineers and architects working on their build. All of these drawings are essential, and they all work together. The process requires that both engineers and architects create a progressive set of construction documents.

What are the three types of architectural firm?

For architecture firms there are three common business models that differentiate firms and how they are run: Efficiency based, Experience based, and Expertise based offices.

What are the different departments in an architecture company?

Medium-sized firms with 5 to 50 employees are often organized departmentally in departments such as design, production, business development, and construction administration. Large firms of over 50 people may be organized departmentally, regionally, or in studios specializing in project types.

What are the 3 types of architecture?
Exploring the Three Main Types of Architecture (and Their Crucial Role in the Interior Design World)
  • Classical Architecture: Classical architecture, dating back to ancient civilizations like Greek and Roman empires, has left an indelible mark on the design world.
  • Modern Architecture.
  • Contemporary Architecture:
Do architects oversee construction?

Architects make periodic visits to the building site to monitor progress, interpret documents and review the overall progress of the work being carried out. However, an Architect is not responsible for the work of the Project Manager, or for the supervision of the builder and contractors.

Who is the most paid architect?

Currently, Norman Foster earns more than any other architect on the globe. It is speculated that Norman Foster has a net worth of around $240 million.

What are 30% construction drawings?


This phase aims to lay out the major design elements of your project and establish a cost and timeline. Along with the drawings, the project's scope, schedule, and budget will be fine-tuned in this stage.

What is a 35% design?
Conceptual and Schematic Design (sometimes referred to as SDs or 35%): At this stage the design is only going to be a few pages. We should be ensuring the design is feasible and we are looking for value engineering opportunities.

What are the phases of the design and construction process

What are 50% construction drawings?

50% Base Building Construction Documents means plans and specifications for the construction of the Base Building Improvements that are prepared in substantial accordance with the Approved Building Schematics and are approximately fifty percent (50%) complete.

What is 50% design review?

50% Design Submittal means a Design Submittal that presents the basic concept of the overall Project including advanced detail on route alignment, existing utilities and proposed major utility line relocations, construction phasing, traffic lane configurations, structural types, sizes and locations, urban design

What is in a 30% design package?

The Design Criteria Package must specify performance- based criteria for the public construction project, including the legal description of the site, survey information concerning the site, interior space requirements, material quality standards, schematic layouts and conceptual design criteria of the project, cost or

What percentage of the project is schematic design?

Schematic Design is the first phase of actually designing the project. Think of it as the preliminary drawing phase. It will typically account for about 15% of the architects work and fees on the entire project.

How much of the design is done during detailed design?

In the Detailed design stage, the designing team completes the embodiment design and produces a detailed specification of each part and assembly. This includes final specifications and details of part shapes, forms, functions, dimensions, surface finish, and material options.

What are the 3 main stages of design development? Three Phases of Design
  • Research and Investigation. I) Research and Investigation is the key to developing design solutions.
  • Concept and Design. II) Concept and Design is the phase when potential solutions are conceived and developed, based upon information gathered in the first phase.
  • Implementation and Supervision.
What is included in 30 design plans?


This phase aims to lay out the major design elements of your project and establish a cost and timeline. Along with the drawings, the project's scope, schedule, and budget will be fine-tuned in this stage.

Does schematic design come before design development? The design development phase occurs after a schematic design has been chosen, but before finalized construction documents are produced. During the schematic design stage, the architect produces a number of drawings embodying different directions the project could take.

  • What are the 7 steps of the architectural design process?
    • The Steps of the Architectural Process
      • Pre-Design. The architectural process begins long before your architect sits at the (figurative) drafting table.
      • Schematic Design.
      • Design Development.
      • Contract Documents.
      • Bidding/Negotiation.
      • Contract Administration (Construction)
      • Post-Occupancy.
  • What do architects use to make blueprints?
    • Architectural drawing software is commonly referred to as CAD (computer-aided design) software. Architects use this software to produce the technical drawing of a building containing specifications that are used by a contractor to construct the final architectural building.

  • What program do architects use for plans?
    • On a general level, students and new designers tend to prefer Maya, SketchUp, and ArchiCAD. These software offer lower prices and more flexibility than many others. Others prefer more established architectural software. AutoCAD, for example, has been an industry standard for many years.

  • What are the three design phases the architect typically works through?
    • This should be prepared after a positive feasibility assessment. What are the 3 design phases the architect typically works through? The first phase is the schematic design, the second is the design development, and the third is the creation of construction documents.

  • Which of the following estimating methods is the most accurate quizlet?
    • Bottom-up estimating provides the most accurate estimates. The project manager starts at zero, the bottom, and accounts for each cost within the project.

  • What is a facility life cycle cost study quizlet?
    • A facility life-cycle cost study is a: space-by-space schedule of the projected renovation needs for a given building over a very long time horizon (such as 20 to 30 years).

  • What are the 4 phases of architectural design?
    • What Are the 5 Phases of a Design Project? The 5 phases of a design project are Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Bidding, and Construction Administration, according to the American Institute of Architects (AIA).

  • What are the 4 phases of architecture?
    • Understanding the four phases of architecture
      • Conceptual.
      • Logical.
      • Structural.
      • Concrete.

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