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Oblivion Construction Set Crashes When Changing Mod Description - Review

The Oblivion Construction Set is a powerful tool that allows users to modify and create content for the popular video game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. However, some users have experienced a specific issue where the construction set crashes when attempting to change a mod's description. While this may seem like a negative aspect, there are actually several benefits and use cases for this peculiar occurrence.

Positive Aspects:

  1. Enhanced Stability:

    The construction set crashing when changing a mod description ensures that the mod remains stable and unaffected by any unintended modifications. This can be highly beneficial for mod developers who want to ensure the integrity and reliability of their creations.

  2. Prevents Accidental Changes:

    By crashing when attempting to modify a mod's description, Oblivion Construction Set acts as a safeguard against accidental changes. This prevents developers or users from mistakenly altering important information that could impact the functionality or compatibility of the mod.

  3. Encourages Careful Documentation:

    Since changing the mod description triggers a crash, developers are encouraged to pay extra attention to documenting their mods thoroughly before release. This leads to better organization, clearer instructions, and more comprehensive information provided to users, resulting in a more professional and

On This Page :
  1. Solution 1: Disable Multiple Screens.
  2. Solution 2: Close Unnecessary Background Applications.
  3. Solution 3: Enable Steam Overlay.
  4. Solution 4: Reinstall Oblivion.

Why is Oblivion broken?

The problem is that there is a tendency to level up too quickly, and when enemy encounters become more difficult the higher your level is, you run into a risk of not optimising your build before inadvertently levelling up—and eventually facing overpowered enemies that would make adventuring around Cyrodiil too

What does Oblivion stutter remover do?

This plugin makes Oblivion not "stutter" as much, and generally feel smoother or perform better. It prevents or mitigates a number of issues related to stuttering and framerates, and can reduce the frequency of stutter related crashes.

Why is Oblivion leveling so bad?

Many players find Oblivion leveling broken, as you level you get too strong enemies against you making you lower difficulty settings or suffer longer and harder combats. Mods that rebalance the world are common.

Who is the villain of Oblivion?

Mehrunes Dagon

As Daedric Prince of Destruction and Change, Mehrunes Dagon is responsible for the Oblivion Crisis and is the main antagonist of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Why does Oblivion crash so much?

If there are too many programs running in the background while launching Oblivion, you could also encounter Oblivion crash on startup, as these programs take too many resources at the same time. To solve the problem, you should close unnecessary background applications.

What is the creepiest quest in Oblivion?

Thero's Top Five Creepy Quests From Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
  • Vaermina's Daedric Shrine Quest.
  • The Forlorn Watchman.
  • Where Spirits Have Lease.
  • Following A Lead.
  • Shadow Over Hackdirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skyrim did better than Oblivion?

Combat was arguably the weakest part of every Elder Scrolls title until Skyrim brought many changes to the series. Oblivion might have made combat skill-based, but Skyrim put much more emphasis on combat feedback. Dual-Wielding is a big reason why Skyrim's combat feels so much better than past games.

Why does my mod keep crashing?

Generally there are two main reasons this can happen. Either the mods are conflicting with each other, or not up to date with the latest version of the game. Best solution if it is one of these - figure out which mod(s) are causing problems. Start with one or two mods, check that they work.

Why do modded apps keep crashing?

Apps on Android can crash because of low storage space, too many apps running simultaneously, a weak internet connection, or not having the proper app updates installed.

How do I fix a game that crashes on startup?

Fixes: Games Keep Crashing Windows 10/11
  1. Restart Your Computer.
  2. Make Sure You Install a Correct Game Version.
  3. Check Internet Connection.
  4. Ensure Your PC Meets Game System Requirements.
  5. Stop Overclocking.
  6. Update Windows 10/11.
  7. Update Graphics Card Driver.
  8. Close Necessary Apps & Web Tabs.


Who is the annoying character from Oblivion?
The Adoring Fan is pretty much immortal in Oblivion. If you kill him or he dies, he simply respawns and starts following you again. If you tell him to buzz off, he wanders the Imperial City until you bring him back onto your adventures.

Why is Oblivion shutting down?

The Staffordshire-based theme park was forced to shut main rides including Galactica, Oblivion, The Smiler and Nemesis. CCTV issues reportedly caused most of the main rides including Galactica, Oblivion, The Smiler and Nemesis to close.

What happens if a game keeps crashing?

One common reason for games crashing is a problem with the power supply unit (PSU). This is commonly linked to the graphics adapter demanding more power than is available. There is one simple way to resolve this. Upgrade to the best PSU capable of providing enough power to play the game.

Is Oblivion closing 2023?

Alton Towers has just confirmed that. after 25 years of operation, oblivion will be permanently. closing down at the end of the season. In a recent statement on Twitter.

Oblivion construction set crashes when changing mod description

Will Oblivion ever be remade?

Virtuos, an international studio specializing in remakes, is reported to be working on an updated version of Oblivion code-named Altar, which may release in late 2024 or early 2025.

Why is oblivion broken?

The problem is that there is a tendency to level up too quickly, and when enemy encounters become more difficult the higher your level is, you run into a risk of not optimising your build before inadvertently levelling up—and eventually facing overpowered enemies that would make adventuring around Cyrodiil too

Why are all my games crashing on startup?

🛠 Ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements to play the game. A majority of crashes upon launching the game can be attributed to playing on a PC that does not meet the recommended requirements. Ensure that your system meets the minimum system requirements to run the game.

Can RAM cause games to crash?

Can bad RAM cause game crashes? Yes - but so can other things, including overheating, not enough power for the graphics card and issues with drivers and critical system files.

  • Why is my Oblivion not saving?
    • This is most commonly a result of attempting to [Alt]-[Tab] out of the application during name entry. If this occurs, autosaves and quicksaves will continue to function correctly, but saves made through the menu will not.

  • How long is jail in Oblivion?
    • 600 years

      Oblivion was, of course, the story of how an anonymous prisoner happened to meet the Emperor minutes before his assassination, and went on to fulfill an ancient prophecy by being locked up for over 600 years.

  • Can you have a girlfriend in Oblivion?
    • Somebody has been screwing with you mate you can't girlfriends or wives in oblivion. But you can get them in fable 2, that might be the game your friends have been telling you about.

  • Why is Oblivion not launching?
    • Oblivion not starting is almost always a registry issue. When you have Oblivion uninstalled run something like CCleaner to wipe out the registry entries. Once that is done which will take a couple of minutes then you can reinstall and should have much better luck.

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