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Harry, out of options, summons Mab, who appears and confronts Maeve. Maeve refuses to yield to her mother and shoots and kills Lily, resulting in the mantle of the Summer Lady passing to Sarissa. Murphy then shoots Maeve, resulting in the mantle of the Winter Lady passing to Molly.

Does Molly love Harry Dresden?

Molly tells Dresden that she can feel his desires toward her and implies that she is willing. She is in love with him and has been crushing on him since she was about fourteen.

How old is Harry Dresden in Summer Knight?

Harry and Elaine are both adopted by Justin DuMorne. Harry and Elaine are both 10 (“Summer Knight”, “Blood Rites”).

What was Molly Carpenter's first appearance?

Molly Carpenter is the daughter of Michael and Charity Carpenter, a skilled illusionist and the Winter Lady. Her first appearance was as a supporting character in Proven Guilty, who seeks out Dresden's help when her boyfriend is arrested as a suspect in an assault.

Who was Harry Dresden's girlfriend?

Now it's not like Harry hasn't got any help. Taking a back seat in this story are Harry's normal helpers such as Karrin Murphy, a police officer from Special Investigations and also to some extent Susan Rodriquez, Dresden's girlfriend.

How old is karrin murphy?

Karrin Murphy
Canon:The Dresden Files
Hometown:Chicago, IL
Age:early 30s

Do Murphy and Dresden get together?

In the early books, she seems to be Dresden's best friend, but a romantic tension arises between them later in the series. By the events of Changes, her and Dresden agree to kindle a romantic relationship, but are prevented from doing so until Peace Talks by Dresden's death and resurrection as the Winter Knight.

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How old is Jim Butcher?

52 years (October 26, 1971)Jim Butcher / Age

What happens to Molly in the Dresden Files?

Molly Carpenter

At the end of the book, she is placed under the Doom of Damocles (a form of probation) by the White Council, with Dresden as her mentor.

Why did Molly become the Winter Lady?

As Maeve turns her weapon on Dresden, Mab breaks Karrin Murphy's shackles, allowing her to draw a concealed pistol. Murphy shoots Maeve, causing the Mantle of Winter Lady to transfer into Molly.


What happens to Molly in Dresden Files?

The Merlin has no choice but to sentence both Molly and Dresden to the Doom of Damocles. Dresden takes her as his apprentice and as such, is held responsible for her future actions.

How old is Molly Carpenter Dresden Files?


Molly Carpenter
Canon:The Dresden Files
Species:human (wizard)
Hometown:Chicago, IL

How old is molly carpenter in proven guilty

How old is Michael Carpenter Dresden?

Michael Carpenter is approximately fifty years of age, with grey eyes, and greying dark brown hair.

How old is molly carpenter

In Death Masks, Molly is fourteen years old. By this time she developes a rather Goth scene look in clothes, piercings, and make-up when not at home, but 

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