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The average construction superintendent salary is highest in Massachusetts, where professionals are paid $81,223 annually ($6,769 monthly, $39.05 hourly) for this work.

What is the difference between a construction superintendent and a project manager?

What's the difference? The primary difference between a Construction Superintendent and a Project Manager is that Construction Superintendents work on build sites alongside their construction workers, whereas Project Managers typically oversee the administrative aspects of a project, and as such, work off site.

Is being a construction superintendent stressful?

As a Superintendent, the nature of you job and managing so many moving pieces makes it inherently stressful. By following these 5 easy tips, you can get better control on people and projects and keep stress at a bay.

What is the life of a construction superintendent?

However, they spend far more time at the jobsite. The construction superintendent leads tasks, monitors and documents project progress, and either completes reports or makes sure that employees and subcontractors submit them on time. They may also be involved in hiring decisions and managing supplies and equipment.

What is the highest salary for a construction superintendent?

The salaries of Construction Superintendents in the US range from $15,033 to $400,947 , with a median salary of $72,286 .

What is the salary of a commercial construction superintendent in Texas?


Commercial Construction Superintendent Salary in Texas

Annual SalaryMonthly Pay
Top Earners$128,879$10,739
75th Percentile$106,900$8,908
25th Percentile$75,700$6,308

How much does a commercial construction superintendent make in NC?

Commercial Construction Superintendent Salary in North Carolina. $69,100 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $97,600 is the 75th percentile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is superintendent higher than project manager?

A construction superintendent manages the individuals who make up the construction crew and usually report directly to the project manager. They are in charge of making sure everything at the construction site is going to plan. In contrast, project managers report to the client and manage the superintendent.

How much does a residential construction superintendent make in Texas?

Construction Superintendent Salary in Texas

Annual SalaryHourly Wage
Top Earners$129,796$62
75th Percentile$110,100$53
25th Percentile$69,300$33

What is the best state to be a construction superintendent in?

10 best states for construction superintendents in 2023
  1. Idaho. Total Construction Superintendent Jobs:
  2. Hawaii. Total Construction Superintendent Jobs:
  3. Montana. Total Construction Superintendent Jobs:
  4. Oregon. Total Construction Superintendent Jobs:
  5. Washington. Total Construction Superintendent Jobs:
  6. Utah.
  7. Nevada.
  8. New Mexico.

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