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How Many Carpenter Companies Are in Oregon: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're looking for information on carpenter companies in Oregon, your search for "How many carpenter companies are in Oregon" should yield a helpful and comprehensive result. This article aims to provide a brief review of the positive aspects of this search query, including its benefits and the conditions in which it can be useful.

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II. Benefits of "How Many

Average Andersen Construction hourly pay ranges from approximately $17.48 per hour for Front Desk Receptionist to $32.04 per hour for Graphic Designer.

Which construction company build american tea room

Packed with sky-high shelves full of exotic tea blends and an open-format seating area that reaches to the rafters, this new 5,600 square foot Downtown 

How many contractors are in Oregon?

The CCB is the state agency licensing over 42,000 contractors. Virtually anyone who is paid to repair, improve or build a home must be licensed. Learn more about how to have a successful project at

Who is the largest construction company in Oregon?

Largest construction contractors in Oregon based on revenue 2020-2022. Most of Oregon's largest construction firms in 2022 had their headquarters in Portland, with Hoffman Construction leading the pack with a revenue nearly four billion U.S. dollars.

What is the largest business in Oregon?

Nike, Inc.

List of companies based in Oregon

CorporationHeadquartersMarket cap (million)
1. Nike, Inc.near Beaverton$32,039
2. Precision Castparts Corp.Portland$16,158
3. FLIR SystemsWilsonville$4,250
4. StanCorp Financial GroupPortland$2,495

What company has world headquarters in Oregon?

Nike, Inc.

The Nike Worldwide Headquarters is the global headquarters for Nike, Inc., located in an unincorporated area of Washington County near Beaverton, Oregon, in the United States.

How many carpenter compiniys are in oregon

Jul 19, 2023 — Largest construction contractors based on revenue in Oregon from 2020 to 2022 (in million U.S. dollars) · Other statistics on the topic · Other 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the construction noise ordinance in Portland Oregon?

Permissible Hours and Noise Level -- From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday, the City permits a very liberal standard for construction noise (85 dBA at a 50' distance). This means that, provided your equipment is in good repair and muffled (if possible), it will be compliant.

What can a general contractor do in Oregon?

In Oregon, a general contractor is defined as an individual who supervises or completes the combination of at least two unrelated building crafts — in whole or in part, on a single property, including materials and labor. This does not include specialty contractors or limited contractors.

How do I check a contractors license in Washington state?

To verify a contractor's license, you can check the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) website. On the website, you can search for a contractor by name, business name, or license number. Make sure the contractor's license is valid and in good standing.


How do I verify a business in the state of Washington?
Search the business name to verify the business is licensed with the state.
  1. Https://
  2. Washington.
  3. Business and Trade.
Are contractors required to be licensed in Washington state?

Construction Contractors Must Be Registered. Washington State requires all construction contractors to register with L&I. State law also requires construction contractors to be bonded and insured to protect the public. Once registered, contractors can bid, advertise, and perform construction work.

Who is the CEO of Andersen const com?

Joel Andersen

Chief Executive Officer

As the grandson of Andersen's founder, Joel Andersen has grown up with construction throughout his entire life. Joel's passion and energy are contagious in his role as Chief Executive Officer, directing the organization's long-term vision and focus.

How many carpenter companies are in oregon

What is the mission statement of Andersen construction?

What is Andersen Construction's mission? Andersen Construction's mission statement is "To be a value-added member of our client's preconstruction and construction team."

How big is Andersen Corporation?

Andersen Corporation

Area servedWorldwide
ProductsWindows and Doors
RevenueUS$3 billion
Number of employees13,000 (2023)
  • Who is the management team of Andersen Corporation?
    • Jay Lund serves as the CEO / President of Andersen Windows Corporation. Alan Bernick serves as the Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary of Andersen Corporation.... Chris Galvin serves as the Sr.

  • Who acquired Andersen?
    • On September 2, 2014 WTAS announced it had acquired the rights to the iconic brand name Andersen and would rename itself Andersen Tax. In 2019, Andersen Tax became Andersen. Today, Andersen is one of the largest independent tax firms in the world. Read on to learn more about Andersen in the past, present and future.

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