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Final Fantasy 15 Where to Remodel Weapons: A Comprehensive Guide

If you're a Final Fantasy 15 enthusiast looking to enhance your weapon arsenal, you've come to the right place! In this guide, we will explore the benefits and conditions for using Final Fantasy 15's remodeling weapons feature. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, this information will help you make the most of your weapon upgrades.

Benefits of Final Fantasy 15 Where to Remodel Weapons:

  1. Enhanced Weapon Performance:

    • Remodeling weapons allows you to significantly increase their base stats, such as attack power, critical hit rate, and magical properties.
    • By remodeling, you can transform mediocre weapons into powerful tools of destruction, giving you an edge in battles against formidable foes.
  2. Customization Options:

    • Final Fantasy 15's weapon remodeling feature offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor your weapon's abilities to suit your playstyle.
    • You can choose from various elemental properties, special effects, and unique abilities to make your weapons more versatile and adaptable to different combat situations.
  3. Unlocking Hidden Potential:

    • Remodeling weapons often unlocks hidden abilities or special attacks that were previously inaccessible.
    • This

How to Upgrade: Start Cid's quest - A Better Pair of Plunderers - and find and give him a Barbed Scythe. This rare item can only found by defeating the Killer Wasps that inhabit the Malmalam Thicket in Southwestern Duscae on the road to Cape Caem. Time to Upgrade: Complete at least one quest or hunt and rest.

How do you upgrade weapons in Final Fantasy?

Four times and moving on here at the bottom the materials required you'll be able to see the material. Name the material rarity.

How long do you have to wait for CID to upgrade your weapons?

We needed a total of five days to get the call from Cid. Cid called to inform us that the quest is complete, and he is ready to give us an upgraded version of the weapon. If you rest for this amount of time, you should end up getting this call from Cid, and finally get your Engine Blade II.

When can I upgrade the Engine Blade?

You can pick it up at the end of Chapter 1 and it boosts the damage of the blade. Once you get to chapter 3, you can pick up the next item required to upgrade the Engine Blade in Lestallum. It's a story quest and impossible to miss.

What is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy 15?

The Balmung is the strongest sword in the game which has an amazing attack rating of nearly 250. As if that is not impressive, it is nearly ten times stronger compared to your starting weapon. In addition to that, you will be able to deal around 4% bonus damage for every percent of your missing MP.

How do you upgrade weapons in Final Fantasy 15 Comrades?

Remodeling is a means of upgrading weapons in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades. By using collectable treasures, a weapon's base stats, level, and effects can be improved and altered.

How do you upgrade weapons in CID ff15?

How to Upgrade: Start Cid's quest - A Better Pair of Plunderers - and find and give him a Barbed Scythe. This rare item can only found by defeating the Killer Wasps that inhabit the Malmalam Thicket in Southwestern Duscae on the road to Cape Caem. Time to Upgrade: Complete at least one quest or hunt and rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Lionheart Gunblade?

The Lionheart is a model of gunblade obtainable by Lightning at the beginning of Chapter 12. It can also be bought at Plautus's Workshop for 28,000 gil. At max level it dismantles into Ceramic Armor (x7) and an Uraninite.

How do you play with friends on ff15 Comrades?

Welcome everybody gaming mike here just wanted to show you real quick how you can group up in final fantasy. 15 comrades. You run to this lady her name's monica. And she'll give you your quest.

How do I start comrades in ff15?

You will see multiplayer expansion. Thank you for watching and if you find this video helpful.

How many hours do you have to finish comrades?

Medals are awarded to all runners completing the course in under 12 hours.

Can you play ff15 Comrades offline?

Yes, on offline as long as you don't have a PS+ sub, but you'll have your AI party. Good luck on a hard journey.

How do you upgrade iconic weapons?

Open the Game Menu. Select Inventory, then Crafting, and then scroll to the Upgrades tab. Select an Iconic Weapon to upgrade. Players will be given a preview of the weapon with new stats, including information like Attack per Second, Damage, DPS, etc.

How to remodel weapons ffxv

Nov 15, 2017 — By feeding weapons certain monster materials, you can fill the bar which appears under some stats. As long as you fill this bar before you get 


Is Noctis alive at the end?

With this final act, Noctis fulfills an eons-old prophecy to protect the star. The Ring of the Lucii is destroyed, as is the Line of Lucis. However, the crystal is protected, the light is returned to the world, and the daemons are vanquished. Noctis is given his peace in death, and his friends awaken to a new dawn.

Can you continue playing FFXV after beating it?
The fun doesn't have to end in Final Fantasy XV after the credits roll. In fact, you're just getting started at that point.

What does leveling up do in FFXV?

Level and EXP

The party member's level determines their Max HP and Noctis's Max MP. Leveling up can also increase the member's Attack, Defense, Strength, Vitality, Magic and Spirit stats. A character's level is factored into their damage-dealing calculations.

How many endings does FFXV have?

There is one choice between 2 options in episode ignis. One leads to true ending for sure, but there are 3 endings (true, bad, alternate).

How do you change clothes in Final Fantasy Comrades?

If you want to change your outfit. And equip new pieces of clothing. Once. You give your avatar up according to your desire.

How do I get Corsesca?

You have to trade for it at Cauthess. Need 3 Sharp Scythes from Terrible Treant mission and 3 somethings from the mission where you stop those unicorns in the tunnel, forgot which item exactly but you'll have the required amount after you just run the mission one time. You have to trade for it at Cauthess.

How do I change my appearance in FFXV?

Once you finish making your Avatara. You get new options unlocked on your menu. Just bring up the menu and go to online tab - [Main Menu] > [Online] > [Avatara]. From there you can change your appearance back to Noctis and back to the Avatara at anytime.

Final fantasy 15 where to remodeling weapons

Why won t cid upgrade my weapons? Make sure you have the item he requires to upgrade the weapon. Each one takes something specific If he's not even talking to you to upgrade anything keep in mind only weapons with the + can be upgraded. Check your quest log to make sure you don't have the quests sitting there waiting to be finished.

How do you upgrade fantasian weapons?

Once they've interacted with the machine, they should choose the "Upgrade Equipment" option and then press on "Weapons." After doing so, they'll be presented with a list of upgradable weapons and the materials required to upgrade them.

Where do I upgrade my weapons in ff15?

How to Upgrade: Start Cid's quest - A Better Gravity Well - and find and give him a Hydraulic Cylinder. This is a rare item that can be found in Cleigne, North of Fort Vallerey, just to the West of Old Lestallum.

How do you upgrade drain Lance in FFXV?

To upgrade your Drain Lance II to III, you need a bundle of coeurl whiskers. Those can naturally be obtained by defeating coeurls - found in areas like southwestern Duscae near Taelpar Rest area, or later on outisde the Keycatrich Trench in northern Leide.

Where do I upgrade my exotic weapons?

Exotics can be upgraded at the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations or Haven. You can purchase blueprints for any Exotic that is in your inventory or stash from Inaya, once you have recruited her. She is located near the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations.

What is the best weapon in FF15 multiplayer comrades?

The Dragon Whisker with 2x Penetrator X is the strongest weapon in the game. The Dancing Daggers provides the best buff in the game, Jitterbug (a 30 second STR + VIT buff that outclasses both Temperga and Protectga).

Can you upgrade weapons in FF15? Upgrading weapons in FF15 is super fun and powerful and opens up whole new ways to play your character. It's pretty easy to get into, this guide hopes to focus and answer the base questions to get you started upgrading your gear.

  • How do I start comrades in FF15?
    • You will see multiplayer expansion. Thank you for watching and if you find this video helpful.

  • How do you equip weapons in FFXV?
    • And armor in Final Fantasy 15 go to the gear. Section choose your guy here in the upper. Section you can switch your weapons. As you like just don't forget to scroll through everything.

  • What is the hardest enemy in FFXV?
    • Final Fantasy 15: The 15 Strongest Monsters In The Game, According To Lore
      • 8 Bilröst.
      • 7 Naglfar.
      • 6 Dread Behemoth.
      • 5 Tyraneant.
      • 4 Melusine.
      • 3 MA-X Angelus-0.
      • 2 Adamantoise.
      • 1 Omega.
  • How do you breed chocobos in FFXV?
    • Chocobos can be bred at the stables, and used in various missions and side activities in battle. Upon the player's first visit to the stables, they receive 3 Gysahl Greens for breeding.

  • Can I play FFXV comrades alone?
    • Yeah, it can be played solo and w/o PS+. I've cleared the main "story," with my character around level 30. There are about a dozen missions I have left to complete and some side battles as well... but not sure when I'll get around to them. It feels fun at first, running the various missions

  • How do I access comrades in ff15?
    • You will see multiplayer expansion. Thank you for watching and if you find this video helpful.

  • Does FFXV Royal Edition include comrades?
    • All season pass content – Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Multiplayer: Comrades, and Episode Ignis. Over a dozen pieces of DLC, including weapons, Regalia car skins, and item sets.

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