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Construction Documents Cover Sheet - What Goes in General Notes

The Construction Documents Cover Sheet provides essential information for a construction project. This brief review will outline the positive aspects and benefits of including general notes in the cover sheet. The content is created for the US region, focusing on the construction industry.

I. Importance of General Notes in Construction Documents Cover Sheet:

  1. Increases clarity: General notes provide concise and clear instructions, ensuring everyone involved understands the project requirements.
  2. Promotes understanding: By including critical information in the cover sheet's general notes, contractors, architects, and other stakeholders can easily grasp essential project details.
  3. Enhances communication: General notes facilitate effective communication between the project team, minimizing misunderstandings and potential errors.
  4. Streamlines workflow: Clear and comprehensive general notes enable contractors to efficiently plan and execute construction tasks.

II. Components to Include in General Notes:

  1. Project overview: Briefly describe the project, its purpose, and any unique characteristics.
  2. Standards and regulations: Specify the industry standards, codes, and regulations that must be adhered to during construction.
  3. Materials and specifications: List the materials and their specifications, including quality standards and any specific instructions.
  4. Construction methods: Provide instructions on the preferred construction methods

General notes provide information and direction to the contractor by clarifying design details or construction practices. General notes are project-specific and must not restate, broaden or curtail requirements in the Standard Specifications or Standard Plans.

What information is required on the cover sheet of the construction plans?

Your cover sheet must show:
  • Project name.
  • Project location, including address and block and lot.
  • Project description.

Which construction document includes project name general notes and index of drawings?

The first page of the construction documents should always be the Title Sheet. It includes: general notes, symbols and materials, abbreviations and a drawing index.

What is included in a construction document set?

Construction documents consist of calculations, drawings, specifications, and any other data that are needed to indicate compliance with the governing building code.

What are general notes?

Definition: Significant information that does not belong in any other element. Purpose: Provides a place to capture information significant to the public that is not appropriate for any other element.

What goes on cover page of architectural drawings?

This is the first page of the set of drawings and usually includes the title of the project, the names of the client, architect and other involved parties, the date of the drawing and a rendered image of the project.

What are the 6 major types of drawings in a set of construction drawings?

Types of Design and Construction Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings.
  • Structural Drawings.
  • HVAC Drawings.
  • Electrical & Plumbing Drawings.
  • Firefighter Drawings.
  • Miscellaneous Drawings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What all should a cover page include?

A cover page (also known as a title page) is the first page of a paper or report that lists basic information, such as the title, author(s), course name, instructor, date, and sometimes the name of the institution.

How do you label architectural drawings?

Beneath each drawing, you should include a title bar that contains the following information:
  1. Title of the drawing.
  2. Drawing number.
  3. Scale of drawing.
  4. Paper size.
  5. Drawing sheet number of referenced drawing (where applicable, ie sections, elevations.)

What order should construction drawings be in?

This organizes the discipline's drawings into a consistent, standard sequence of drawing types.
  • 0 - General (legends, symbols, general notes)
  • 1 - Plans.
  • 2 - Elevations.
  • 3 - Sections.
  • 4 - Large Scale Drawings: plans, elevations, sections.
  • 5 - Details.
  • 6 - Schedules and Diagrams.

What are construction notes?

What Is a Construction Loan Note? A construction loan note (CLN) is a debt obligation used for the funding of construction projects such as housing developments. In most cases, the note issuers repay the note obligation by issuing a longer-term bond. The proceeds from the bond pay back the debts on the note.


What are the general notes for as built drawing?

These drawings should illustrate any variations from the original construction drawings, including changes to specifications, dimensions, materials, and location. As-built drawings should include: Dates and detailed notes of any modifications. Changes to materials used (type, size, location, etc.)

Where are general notes located?

Standard Notes, otherwise known as General Notes, are usually located either above the title block or in the upper left corner of the drawing.

What are key notes on a drawing?

Reference Keynotes, or simply “keynotes”, identify materials and products on the drawings and connect the drawing to the specifications. The purpose of the keynotes is to enable the reader to determine where to find each item's requirements in the specifications.

Construction documents cover sheet what goes in general notes

What is a key plan in construction?

Answer and Explanation: A key plan in architecture is a small map that shows the location of some elements within the context of the overall design. This "key" enables a person to see both the finer details and where in the overall building those details fit in.

What is the purpose of construction notes?

Construction documents typically consist of working drawings and specifications and are essential to convey the building design concept to the contractor. They provide the contractor with the necessary information to bid and build a project.

How do you arrange architectural drawings?

Most Architects organize their sheet index by starting with the “big picture” view, and then move closer and closer to fine detail. They'll often start with a Cover Sheet (name of project, address, small reference map, name of developer, and contacts of all the designers and engineers).

  • What is a drawing schedule for construction?
    • With a construction project, the draw schedule outlines when funds will be dispersed to the contractor throughout the project, rather than a lump sum payment. Typically, these are established around milestones so when one particular phase of the work is completed, the builder receives a payment. This is called a draw.

  • What is the order of precedence between drawings and specifications?
    • If there is a conflict between the Drawings and Details on Drawings and the Specifications, then the Specifications will prevail. The higher “Order of Precedence of Documents” governs or prevails. It is sort of like a poker hand where 3 of a kind beats 2 pairs, etc.

  • Why are notes used in construction documents?
    • Notations are used to identify elements on the drawings, but the notations do not provide detailed information—that is the purpose of the specifications. Specifications provide the qualitative requirements for the materials, components, and systems selected for a given building.

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